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Dear All,
After a long four months Neptune is ready to ply the high seas again. We have had a few teething problems but she is now raring to go and needless to say Angus and the crew are chomping at the bit. Angus hopes to go out today for a few hours on a test run with the kids.
The fishing is still good, with more black marlin making an appearance in the last two weeks. Unfortunately they have been rising quite late in the day and most of the time our boats are on their way home by that time. The Watamu boats have had some good action however, with both Unreel and Alleycat catching two blacks each on Monday. Last week most days saw at least one a day being caught. There are still quite a few sailfish about as well, although not in the same numbers as we have been seeing them. Eclare had a good run last week with at least three, for four days in a row. A few yellowfin tuna are starting to show as well, which is good news.
The weather has generally been good with the odd shower here and there. It is definitely getting hotter by the day which is normal for this time of year.

On the 13th August David Hewitt and his two young sons did a short day on Eclare. It was an initiation into deep sea fishing for the young guys, and although one did get very sea sick they have definitely been hooked. Five sailfish was enough to win them over.
On the 18th Snowgoose, out on a short day, had three sailfish and some bait fish. She had three again on the 19th while Eclare had a day of losing fish. They lost a marlin, a giant trevally and other bits and pieces.
On the 20th Snowgoose had a very busy day, catching eight sailfish and a wahoo with Herbert and Monica Lewald on board. Eclar,e fishing with Greg Mutch had four sailfish and a dorado.
The 21st was the first of seven days on Eclare for Peter Wahl, Jan Lange and Albi. Peter Wahl is the editor of Global Angler, a well known German fishing magazine. He is also a very talented photographer and some of the pictures he got on this trip were first class. He got pics of fish at angles that I didn’t know existed! They had an action packed trip with twelve sailfish and an assortment of other fish including giant trevally, wahoo, kingfish, barracuda, tuna etc,etc. The only two missing from there list were marlin and shark.
Greg Mutch, fished his usual four days and although he didn’t have any luck with marlin he did get plenty of other fish. He also had the pleasure of following a humpback whale in close proximity. This time of the year is the best time to see whales but one cant always get too close to them.
It is now later in the day, and Neptune did go out for a few hours and all went well. Angus is generally very happy with the performance of the engines. There was great excitement on the boat as Alister caught his first sailfish on his own. Not bad for a six year old! It was drinks all round after he rang the bell at the club. Tina is back in the water now so it just leaves Snark and Malachite on dry land.
September is generally very quiet for us but we do have the odd booking so hopefully I will have something to report back to you with in the coming weeks.
That’s all for now from us here in Malindi.
Take care,