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Dear All,
It would seem that the short rains have arrived as it has been raining for the last two days all along the coast. Hopefully it will bring an end to the relatively strong winds that we have been having prior to the rain. The whole country is in desperate need of rain so long may it continue.
Bookings have been few and far between since my last update with most days seeing only one or two boats fishing. On the days that we have had boats out the fishing has not been exceptional but it has not been to bad either. After a good start on the sailfish front numbers have tailed of somewhat and this past week saw a few days with boats not even seeing one. This can sometimes be the case at the beginning of October with the main run moving in later in the month. However it has been good for the smaller game fish such as Wahoo, kingfish and tuna.

  I am sure that some of you are wondering about the security situation down here after two shocking kidnapping incidents in Kiwayu and Manda. Thankfully all is still calm in Malindi and we have not had any incidents in this area. The government seems to have reacted in a positive manner as they have stepped up security along the border and all the way down the coast. The navy has increased the number of patrol boats especially in the Lamu area and they are working closely with international navies in trying to prevent such groups from crossing the border into Kenya. As far as fishing is concerned apart from suspending night fishing trips until further notice and ensuring that we have constant communication with all our boats  at all times it is normal operations around here. We still feel very safe and not threatened at all.

On the 3rd October Neptune had a fantastic days fishing with Gerard Zwaan and Jan Kwakernaak  .They had a black marlin of approximately 65 kgs, 4 sailfish, a 27 kg wahoo and a kingfish.

On the 4th October Neptune was out with a South African gentleman and his two young sons. They had a day that I am sure the boys will not forget in a long time. They tagged and released a big sailfish of 30 + kgs and landed a barracuda and a dorado but the real highlight of the day was a very big giant trevally. Unfortunately after trying to let the fish go five or six times it came up dead and it had to be boated and it weighed in at a massive 43kgs. It is such a shame that such a magnificent fish could not go back to breed some more but it was not for the sake of trying.
Eclare had a good day on the 5th with Martin Clark on board. They came back with a tagged sailfish, 2 wahoo,5 tuna and a dorado.
Johnny Onslow and Kiki Fernandes came down with a group of fly fishermen to fish three days on Eclare and Snowgoose. Sadly it was just as this present weather system was coming in and the wind was really howling, especially on days two and three. The sailfish were also playing hard to get and unfortunately were not there in the numbers that one would like for fly fishing. Eclare managed to raise a few on day two including a big pack of at least eight fish. The fishermen,Mark Brookes and Craig Dirkwerts managed to do what is no easy feat and land two out of the pack!Well done them.
Tina had a very good day on the 8th with 2 sailfish tagged and released, a 21 kg yellowfin tuna,a 16 kg dorado,2 wahoo,1 kingfish,a dorado and a bluefin trevally.
It is not long now until the October festival which will be held out of the Malindi Sea Fishing Club on the 22nd and 23rd October. It will be preceded by the Churchill Trophy light line tournament on the 21st. This year the festival is sponsored by Capt Andys,Raymarine and Civicon. There is an amazing array of Raymarine products for the top three prizes as well an assortment of other prizes. It is always a fun weekend so please come and join us at the club or even better come and enter the tournament.
Let’s hope the fish turn on and a lot of fun is had by all.
Take care,

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