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Dear All,
All is well here in Malindi and thankfully we have just had our busiest week of the season with our whole fleet fishing for four days in a row. All boats took part in the 17th Driftwood Gamefish Extravaganza from 31st October to 3rd November 2011. The Extravaganza is organized by Basil Hill from South Africa and as the title suggests this is the 17th year it has been held. The majority of the fishermen are from South Africa although this year we had a team from Zimbabwe which was really good to see. Before all the trouble started in Zimbabwe we used to host their CADSAS(Central African Deep Sea Anglers) tournament annually. When it was at its peak up to ten teams used to come to Malindi for a week and what a week it was. Let me just say that fishing was not always their primary objective and the fishing club bar used to do very well. We were all very sad to see the end of CADSAS coming to Malindi about ten years ago and we hope that one day it will return. Judging by the spirit in which the Zimbabwe team partook in the Extravaganza it seems not a lot has changed down there!!
All in all it was another very successful Extravaganza even though the fishing was probably not up to our usual standards. Eight teams caught 2 black marlin, 20 sailfish and a mixed bag of smaller game fish over the four days. Although not every angler caught a billfish every team caught at least one. Teams fished on a different boat each day and after four days the “Sharamoots” emerged as the top team. They had a very good start with a black marlin on the first day. Some may call it sheer luck but basically it was being in the right place at the right time. Fishing on Neptune they were totally out of the running with an hour to go until lines out. Angus was pulling his hair out as they were surrounded by dirty water as far as the eye could see and he had run out of ideas. He was just about to play his last card and take the lines out and motor towards cleaner water further south when the down rigger bait was hit. There was so much sea weed in the water that initially they thought they had hooked yet another clump. Angus could not believe his eyes when out of the “brown” water came a black marlin pouncing all over the bait. It slashed at the bait so much that by the time it was hooked there was only the head of the bait left with two protruding hooks. It just goes to show that when a fish is hungry enough it will eat anything. After a good fight they tagged and released the fish successfully and it meant a leap from last place to second! Snowgoose fishing with the Three J’s caught the only other marlin of the tournament. Unreel had a good day on the last day with four sailfish for “Shag N Release”.  This was the highest amount of sailfish caught on one boat. The prize giving was held at the Malindi Sea Fishing Club on the 3rd November. Basil did a sterling job in finding some striking fish replicas as prizes. The top angler also got a free weeks accommodation at the Driftwood and the top team a free days fishing with us.  Team “Shag N Release” came a very close second behind Sharamoots and team Zimbabwe were third. Neptune was the top boat of the tournament followed by Unreel in second and Snowgoose in third. I must say that the whole group could not have been a nicer bunch and we hope that they all had a good time and that they will be back next year.

Sadly it was only hectic for four days and it has now gone back to being slow on the bookings front. Snowgoose and Eclare were out on short days yesterday with the latter catching a sailfish and a dorado and the former catching two wahoo and two dorado.  
The weather was mostly clear and dry this past week but the rain has returned today and looks like it has set in for a while.
On the security front all is very calm and quiet and we have not heard of any incidents up and down the coast. The Kenya Navy has been making a big presence and has really tightened up its operations. We are making use of the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre) which is based in Mombasa, by checking in and out daily. The MRCC co-ordinates all movement on the sea, not only in our waters but all the way up to Oman. We have found them to be very helpful and friendly.

  The Kenya Army seems to have made a lot of headway since they crossed the border into Somalia and they have made it very clear that their objective is to flush out Al – Shaabab terrorists and make a buffer zone on the border. They have pushed a long way into Somalia now, and it seems they have made a big dent into the Al – Shaabab armour. So all in all it is good news this week on the Somali issue and long may it continue.

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