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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 08:05:46 +0300
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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 25.03.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 25th March 2007

Weahter Very hot and high humidity. New moon on Monday with spring tides and fairly strong winds in the afternoons from the S.E. Winds are variable at this time, the period when the N.E. changes to the S.E. Water is clean. A short shower of rain Sunday morning.

Fishing Marlin are still here and most of the sailfish are in deeper water. Dorado seem to be every where, and wahoo are still plentiful. Striped Marlin appear  to have moved on but there are still some good sized Blues out there. Frigate mackerel are in profusion every where, so no problem with getting live bait. Not many boats fishing now, but for those that have been out chances of getting a good fish are still good. Shark have appeared on the scene and some boats report having released a few of these which look very much like a bronze whaler, but could also be a Dusky Grey shark. Neptune released one on Tuesday of about 40 kgs, and I believe that a Black Marlin which B'Nest hooked up was mutilated by these sharks. Neptune got a Black Marlin and a Blue Marlin plus a sail and 2 nice yellowfin over 20 kgs  each, on Monday.

On the Tuesday Neptune got 2 sail and this bronze whaler shark and 3 yellowfin all over 20 kgs each. Snark was the only boat out on Wednesday  and ended up with 1 sail and 5 dorado.  No boats fishing on Thursday and only Eclare fishing on Friday. They stayed inshore fishing for smaller fish, and got a gaint  trevally, wahoo, dorado, rainbow runner, 1 gueen fish and plenty of frigate mackerel. Out on the Rips I understand that B'Nest got a Black Marlin and Albatross a Blue Marlin.

On the Saturday Neptune managed to loose or missed 6 sail and they lost a Blue Marlin estimated at 200 kgs. On board was Roger Silvester from Bunsons Travel and I believe he was on the rod  when this Blue Marlin appeared behind the boat, rejected all baits and lures on the heavier lines and decided to have a go at the lightest line in the water which was a 30 lb outfit. If they had got the fish it would probably have been a 10 to 1 and maybe even a 15 to 1, but they lost the fish after some considerable time. Everyone on board could see the fish clearly just underneath the boat. Roger has yet to give a reasonable explanation as to what happend on the boat: 6 sail and a Marlin all lost, dear oh dear. Inspite of all that I believe they had a lot of fun on the boat. Eclare was still fishing for smaller fish and got a good selection, SnowGoose got 1 sail and Malachite with Graham raised a Marlin which never took anything, but he got a nice gaint trevally, a wahoo and 4 dorado,

Sunday, nothing really exciting, a few sail caught, 2 on Neptune and 1 on Eclare plus some dorado etc. At some stage or other I will be asked the question; How do you account for such a good Marlin season with all these long liners and Purse Seiners operating in the Indian Ocean; and I would not be able to come up with a satisfactory answer. But firstly we do not know what the fishing would have been like if commercial vessels had been absent. Secondly these ships target either  Broadbill or Tuna. It is also possible that there just was not enough fish to support 1 longliner let alone a fleat. What ever the answer, we are happy to have had a good Marlin season, and hope that it will continue next season.

On climate change and global warming. Scientists and Al Gore say that this is man made and will effect each and everyone of us. This is probably true, but that it is entirely man made is to my mind doubtfulf. I would remind readers of a letter which appeared in the Weekly Magazine quoting an entry in the diary of Samual Pepys dated 21st January  1661 which read in essence: never has the world experienced such a warm winter, rose bushes are full of leaf, roads dusty, flies everywhere and no cold weather anywhere. So it has happend before, and will surely happen again. I never heard of man being able to change the course of nature, and yet some western Govt. think they can do so by imposing a tax on everyone who has to fly form A to B. What rubbish. This is only to get more money from the public. What will they think of next to increase revenue.

I hear now that 15 navel personal have been taken hostage on the sea by the Iranians.  They want to provoke an international incident and have done so. How come that the Royal Navy did not fight, but just let 15 of their members be abducted on the open sea. The British have gone soft. This would  have been considered an act of war a few years ago. The British Govt. had better  not go slow on this one. HP