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Subject: An off season fishing report from Kingfisher in Malindi

An off season Fishing report from Kingfisher in Malindi

Weather There was a full moon on the 2nd May and again on the 1st June. The period in between the full moon has been wet and overcast, but Southerly winds moderate and sea conditions not bad at all.

Since I last reported from Malindi there has been very little fishing. Snark was fishing a short day recently and saw no sailfish and got eight dorado on a lovely day - sunny and moderate winds. Since then the weather has deteriorated - winds have increased, rain and overcast conditions have prevailed. Recorded 11 and half inches for the week ending Monday 14th May, that is 287 mm. Since then it has rained everyday and the sun has not appeared at all in this period. Measured 23.5 inches of rain for the month of May. Not very nice for those people on holiday.

Snark was fishing on Thursday the 31st May and found a tremendous amount of bait fish - bonito, frigate mackerel and rainbow runner. They managed to get 2 sail, a small giant trevally,  15 dorado,  a nice kingfish and lots of baitfish. They had two heavy strikes, but lost them both and never saw what they were. Fishing conditions were good. Not too rough with moderate winds. Snark was out again on Saturday 2nd June with Ted Greyson from Nairobi when again they noted the presence of masses of baitfish. They got 5 sail, had a Marlin on jumping which they lost early, a barracuda and 12 or so dorado.  A good day by any standards.

I have said many times that there is good fishing at this time of the year. It may be a little wet for holiday makers but for fishing this is a good time, and I am sure that there are a good number of Black Marlin present.  So next year, or even this year, if you can get away give it a try.

All boats still out of the water and maintenance work continues whenever the rain permits. Mechanical work is possible, even when raining, but paint work is difficult, and most days just not possible. Still, we have to make good use of every opportunity that the weather permits, Hopefully we will not be late returning the boats to the water. Snowgoose is due to

Not so long ago I mentioned the controversy that exists over the question of International Airport  or a good road Malindi to Mombasa. Well, you need to see the road today, after all this rain - which has not stopped yet - and the heavy traffic which it is subjected  to everyday - indescribable. Not so long ago, before the Mombasa marathon was to take place, it was decided to recarpet the route that the runners would take presumably to avoid any massive law suits, resulting from broken legs. this job cost a considerable amount of money and today the new tarmac is peeling away in great chunks. I believe the contractor was arrested and subsequently released. It would seem fairly obvious that the contract was for a very low standard job in the first place or not all the money was spent on the road. Whichever way it went, it really is quite pathetic that what should have been a good repair job lasted only a few months.