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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 10.06.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 10th June 2007

Weather A week of calm weather, sunny and clear. Sea conditions very calm for this time of year no rain to speak of for a week now. New moon will be on Friday 15th June, and this could bring rain.

Fishing Only one boat out fishing this week and only for 1 day and that was SnowGoose, her first charter fot the new season. Conditions were perfect, but no bill fish seen. Bait fish were everywhere and dorado, of which they caught 15, three kingfish and baitfish made up the days catch. Although no billfish were seen it was a great day for fishing with constant action. Great shoals of bait fish moving slowly over the banks with the ever present terns in  their
 thousands hovering over them, will gladden the heart of any fisherman, as he knows very well that big fish are lurking in the vicinity of these shoals.

SnowGoose was put back in the water on the 2nd of June, and Snark came out on the 5th. Not too much work to be done on Snark, so hopefully she will be back in the water quite soon.

The Chairman of the Kenya Association of Sea Anglers, Dr Simon Hemphill has written a long letter to the Minister for Fisheries on the state of Kenya's fisheries, both inshore and offshore. For those of you who are not members of the Association, I shall try to give you the main facts. Kenya's Artisanl fishery is rapidly dying as a result mainly of the introduction of Nylon nets. In the Malindi area I must add that the Pemba Island fishermen with their huge nets have contributed greatly to the demise  of this industry and to the destruction of our coral reefs. Poverty in some coastal area's  grows by the day and not much is being done to alleviate the situation.

On the off shore fishery, it is a fact that 80 commercial vessels - long liners and Purse Seine - have been licensed by the Kenya Govt. Sounds horrific to me. Further more, the Kenya Govt. is unable to patrol our coast line and protect certain areas from these commercial predators.  The Association believes that this Govt does not recognise the importance of the Sport Fishing Industry to the economy of this country, and it is about time that it did. We believe that the income generated by sport fishing is greater than the licensing of these longliners. Whilst on this subject I  would like to bring to your attention an article that appeared in the July issue of Marlin Magazine  written by Michael Leech a long time serving member of the I.G.F.A. It would seem that the Sportfishing  Association in the States has the same problem that we have here. Six years ago a large area off the coast off Florida, Georgia and Carolina  was put out of bounds to all commercial fishing vessels so that the marine life and in particular the swordfish  would have a chance to recover from being hammered by long liners.  Sport fishing was permitted. Today the Swordfish have recovered to a large extent, but the fish are all small, obviously.However, the NMFS now wish to allow longliners into the area again to fish for Swordfish. The sportfishing fraternity are up in arms about this, and although it is a powerful body in the U.S., and this recreational fishery is valued at hundreds of Millions of Dollars, I fear that the Govt. will again destroy this fishery and all the small business's that this fishery supports.

I never cease to be amazed that someone  who is injured as a result of an accident must blame someone else, particularly if there is financial gain involved, If you walk down the street and fall into a drain or man hole, it must be the councils fault, not yours for not looking where you are going. I refer of course to the court case where a woman tourist was attacked and injured by an Elephant whilst out jogging in, of course, a wild life area. She had been in Kenya for 4 years and should have known better. The Judge put the blame on  the Conservancy, one hundred per cent. I always believed that judgment in court cases was a matter of reason and common sense, and I still believe this to be true.  But it seems to be seriously lacking in this case. Of course there are many factors involved here, but at the end of the day, inspite of what she is told to do or not to do, it is her decision whether to go jogging or not. In my experience the Elephant is a surprisingly tolerant animal, particularly the bulls, females are the same the world over - you have to be careful with them, and treat  them with respect. When all is said and done if an Elephant sees a jogger bearing down at it, the Elephant could feel threatened and react according.  The quick reactions and the use of Aircraft and a competent nurse saved the woman's life.

Kingfisher Fishing together with the Driftwood Beachclub have put together a very favourable package for fishing and accommodation for the months of July and September 2007. There are two septerate deals.  The first one is for 4 fishermen staying at the Driftwood for 3 nights full board with 2 full days fishing. And the second one is for 4 fishermen staying 7 nights at the Driftwood Beachclub on half board with 4 full days fishing. Enquiries should be directed to Kingfishser or the Driftwood or contact your Travel agent. You should try and take full advantage of this offer, which does not come up very often. HP