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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for 2 weeks ending Sunday 26.08.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Two Weeks ending Sunday 26th August 2007

Weather Not very nice weather these past 2 weeks. Rough seas, overcast most of the time, with rain squalls and gusting winds. The sun has appeared of course, particularly this past week when we had quite long periods of sunshine. Full moon will be on the 28th. when we can expect a change in weather. We have already had nearly 5 inches of rain for August, which is twice the average of  for this month. Temperatures are lower than normal, averaging 68 - 69 F at seven o'clock in the morning ( 19 - 21 C) Strange weather we have had so far this year.

Fishing Not much change here either. Still plenty of sail  around but very few Marlin. The fishing would indeed be a disaster if it were not for the early presence of the sail fish, and giant trevally, kingfish, wahoo, yellowfin, dorado and the tiger sharks. It will change for the better though,  I hope, once this weather improves. The Marlin did appear for a short while in early August, and then disappeared again.
Most boats are catching sail everyday, but the catch of the week was 15 sailfish caught by Greg Mutch on Neptune on the 15th August. As Greg said, he heard of sail being caught in double figures, but never dreamt it would happen to  him. During this time Snark was religiously trying  for Tiger Shark everyday, and inspite of a strong current which makes it very difficult to keep boat and bait in one area for any length of time, they got 2, the first on the 14th and the second on the 17th. Both were estimated at 300 kgs each and released.

On Wednesday the 22nd. tiring of fishing the same area on the Banks, Angus took Neptune north to check the place out. Weather was bad, strong southerly winds, overcast and rough, prevented them returning to Malindi, so they set off for Ziwayu on Friday, with clear sunny weather for a change. Numbers of sailfish were seen, and they got about 8 yellowfin. Nothing much else seen, so the trip was a little disappointing fish wise, but they did manage to check out the area as much as possible. Clueless set out for the North Kenya Banks on Saturday  morning, but turned back due to severe weather conditions. We still do not know what is going on out there.

Sunday, Neptune went north again but not for long, as the weather became nasty with strong southerly winds, so they ended up fishing fairly close to Ngomeni, ending up with a sail, some yellowfin and 7 kingfish. Although few Marlin are being seen right now, there are some still around. I hear that some are being hooked up and lost. We hope the numbers will increase.

The recent murders which have occurred across the U.K. culminated in the shooting a few days ago of 11 year old Rys Jones in Liverpool who was returning home after some football practice in the Pub car park. The individual who did this terrible crime was apparently riding a bicycle and wearing a hoodie to conceal his identity. Recently, Mr Cameron has gone on record saying that wearing a hood by young people should not be banned, as it could disturb some people mentally. The whole of the U.K. has been disturbed by this shooting, and the Govt. is frantically looking for ways to put a stop to this up surge in crime. Handing in illegal guns is no answer: a gun can easily be obtained in any U.K. city for little money.
The root cause lies in society as it is today a total lack of discipline and rudimentary manners, no cohesive family ties and no respect for the older people in our community. Bring back National Service  and you will cure 90% of this hooliganism. If our drill sergeant, a Scot  by name of Rusty Miller - never to be forgotten - could, in the space of 12 weeks, turn a bunch of wild Kenya cowboys into a well disciplined and efficient body of men, then he would have no problems straightening out this lot in the U.K. A very hard man on the parade ground was Sergeant Miller.

The fires in Greece are a national disaster. If they ever find out who started it all, those responsible should be shot. HP