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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for 4 weeks ending 16.09.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for 4 Weeks ending 23rd September 2007
 The beginning of the month was mainly overcast days with quite strong winds from the S.E. but this has mostly cleared now and we have sunny, clear days. The wind from the S.E persists and is really quite strong at times making it a bit lumpy at sea. One inch of rain recorded in the last couple of weeks, but nothing in the last 19 days. New moon was on the 11th September and is probably responsible for the change in the weather from dull overcast days to clear sunny days. Still quite cool in the evenings.

Fishing. Although the weather has not been very kind to us, it has not prevented boats going to sea. Fishing at times has been slow, but as all you fishermen well know anything can happen once the baits are in the water. Sailfish are present up and down the coast, and a boat can come home with six sail on a good day. SnowGoose came back the other day with 10 sail, which is a little unusual, but as I said anything can happen. The odd Black Marlin is still being caught, and White Bear got one on August 30th. Eclare got one on September 3rd and Tarka also got one on the 4th September. there have been more caught since then, but I do not know on which boats. On Saturday 8th September the weather was not too bad so Tina and Snark decided to try the Mambrui/Malindi area. Plenty of yellowfin and sail seen but nothing to the baits until late in the afternoon, when Snark had a pack of sail up and got 3. Tina was not so lucky and ended up with bait fish only. Neptune, fishing from Ngomeni had a good day on September 1st. with 4 sail, 4 yellowfin, 1 giant trevally, 1 kingfish, and 2 kolikoli.
On August 31st. Clueless did manage to get to the North Kenya Banks. Weather was OK gong out in the morning, and sea conditions were good, but the wind increased during the morning, and fishing conditions became very tough indeed. A strong current running north did not improve matters either. They caught some school yellowfin, saw nothing else of interest and so turned for home as sea conditions deteriorated even more.
Nobody has been trying for Tiger Shark, as sea conditions were not good, and a strong current makes life even more difficult, and these fish are confined to a relatively small area. However, bull sharks have appeared on the scene and a few have been caught, and quite big fish at that.
Neptune had a good day on the 19th.September, fishing off Malindi getting 6 sail, 5 yellowfin, 3 kingfish and a skipjack. Skipjack tune have appeared again after an absence of many years.
Malachite started to fish on the 16th September and was promptly spooled by a yellowfin on the banks and lost all the 30 lb line.They also had a few heavy strikes on live baits but lost them all before being able to determine what fish it was. A few yellowfin and a kingfish was the final score.
The last few days have seen very strong winds and rough seas. Unpleasant really. Neptune went into Ngomeni on the 20th September and then fished from there on the 21st. Very rough seas and only managed 7 yellowfin and 4 dorado. Tina fishing off Malindi got 7 sailfish , a good day. Saturday 22nd . Neptune cancelled out because of the weather, and Eclare was out for only a short time, returning early, again because of the weather, but got 3 sail and missed 3 more in that short time.
On Saturday 22nd Tine and Ronald arrived from Holland with a 3 man film crew from the principal fishing magazine in Poland. They want to make a video film on Malindi fishing for the Polish market, through a fishing agency called 'Bullshark' which was recently started by Tine and Ronald. Their first trip on Sunday 23rd was not very rewarding. Fishing on SnowGoose they only managed one sailfish and one wahoo and one yellowfin, while Eclare got 3 yellowfin. I wonder if the weather was responsible for the poor fishing on this day. The wind had died down considerably and whilst it was not calm, the seas were much reduced. Sunny and clear, but the fish never came up. The equinox was on Saturday 22nd, and maybe this has something to do with it.

Climate all over the world has gone crazy, and it is all blamed on Global warming caused by smoke emissions from Industrial machinery. An increasing number of Tornado storms in the United States, serious flooding and storms in Korea, China and Japan. In West Africa, all the way across to Western Uganda and  western Kenya, parts of Somalia and Tanzania, unusually heavy rain is being experienced which is causing flooding in many areas. Some parts of the world have received no rain - or very little - and are experiencing drought conditions. All very disturbing, but apparently this has happened before, several times in the last million years or so, without the assistance of any emissions from heavy industry which never existed at that time. So how come man is held responsible for climate change this time. Surely this is a natural occurrence, and would have happened anyway, without the interference of man. I can not see how man's puny efforts is expected to turn this around. No way.
The recent statement from France on Iran may have some far reaching results. The French do not normally mess about, if they say something they mean it. So this could be serious stuff, particularly if the rest of Western Europe join France, which is quite likely.
Gordon Brown recently said that he will not attend the meeting in Portugal if Mr. Mugabe is there. About time that the British Government took a stand against this fellow Mugabe.
A senior Policeman in Britain has said recently that the police force can not cope with the number of immigrants entering Britain. I am not surprised as it appears that anyone can enter Britain, except of course the likes of my wife and myself, who have been visiting family in Britain for many ears. Ever since the High Commission saw fit to withdraw the Visa facility in Mombasa, we have found it nearly impossible to obtain a Visa. You can no longer apply by post, and you have to appear in person when applying in Nairobi, and just how long one must wait in Nairobi is unclear, and yet the High Commission must have a very thick file on the two of us, with everything you can think of in it. HP