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From: kingfisher <>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 08:20:42 +0300
To: Adrian <>
Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 30.09.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 30th September 2007

Weather  Not very nice weather this week, with strong winds, rough seas and some short showers. Full moon was on the 26th and could well be responsible for the unusual weather we are experiencing at this time. Then on Friday it really rained and I recorded 5 inches of rain for the day - a real soaking. I hear also that some incoming aircraft had to divert or return to Nairobi. Saturday was much better, still windy, but the sun  did appear for short periods, and no rain. Very high tides Friday - Sunday, with a big swell.

Fishing Reports reaching me tell of a very big Black Marlin caught in the nets this last week off Ngomeni. Apparently, after having been cut up, the pieces weighed 600 kgs plus - truly a very big fish.At this time of year the nets are never set very far out due to the weather and I suspect the nets were set no more than a mile or so from the headland. I have in the past seen these big fish close inshore, infact have hooked up with a few, but never with much success except once when we got one of 375 kilos, caught by a very strong German fellow named Fred Guttes. He made the 130 lb rod bend like a bow until I thought everything would break. But it all held together and he had the fish to the boat  one and a half hours later. On another occasion we got the fish to the boat in 3 hours and the hook dropped out. Both these fish were hooked up just off Mambrui, so if one is prepared to spend the time looking for this big fish you could just get lucky.
The fishing last week was mainly sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado and the odd kingfish, wahoo, barracuda and baitfish. SnowGoose seems to be raising more fish than the other boats. She had 6 sail on Monday, Neptune 2 sail, a yellowfin and a very nice wahoo of 32.5 kgs. Tuesday, Neptune got 24 yellowfin, and a kingfish. No sail caught today. Wednesday, strong winds and rough seas. All boats returned early. SnowGoose 4 sail, Eclare 1 sail, Neptune, some yellowfin and a couple of wahoo. No fishing Thursday . Friday rained all day. Eclare 1 sail, SnowGoose 7 sail. Malachite was also out fishing with Graham Heaton, out all day in the pouring rain is a wet and cold business on this boat. They stuck it out though and had a Marlin on jumping for a whilde before they lost it. Nothing much else was caught - except baitfish - to reward their efforts on this day. Saturday no fishing, and Sunday only Neptune was out. Weather was not too bad, only a really big swell all day, and quite choppy seas, 4 sail, 3 yellowfin, 2 barracuda was the total for the day.

The road from Malindi to Mombasa is much improved, You can maintain a reasonable speed now, except for a few short stretches which still need to be fixed and Malindi/Gede which is a horror scene. This stretch of road has not been touched yet, so is full of holes large and small and your journey to and from Mombasa therefore takes about 10 - 15 mins longer. The road is of course still quite rough and now needs to be recarpeted. We will look forward to that.

Elections here in Kenya seem to be quite close now - before the end of the year I am told. Kenya politics appear very complicated to somebody like myself, but one thing is quite clear. Voters todate have always voted along ethnic and individual lines. Hopefully this time voters will concentrate more on the policies put forward by the various parties and ignore unqualified individual aspirations to power. Perhaps I am being a little too optimistic.

House prices in the U.K  are unreal. The ordinary working, tax paying family has no hope of buying a decent house, unless they go into debt, probably for the rest of their working lives and end up paying double what they would have done had they had the ready money. Most of the good properties are being bought up by foreigners. Something wrong somewhere. Now it appears that prices are rising dramatically for sea front proberty in the Lamu and Watamu areas, and to a certain extent in Malindi as well, and the only people with sufficient cash are foreigners, mainly Italian money as far as Malindi is concerned. What the end result of all this will be, I really do not know, but certainly a big proportion of Malindi is now Italian owned. HP