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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 07.10.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 7th October 2007

Weather A definate change. Early mornings have been clear, cool and sunny, with an off shore breeze. The wind when it starts has been moderate S.E. except for the odd squall. Typical October weather new moon is on the 11th. when we can expect a further change in the weather. I do not think that we have seen the end of the rain.  I believe there is more to come. High tides at the full moon last month were accompanied with a big swell which demolished a few sea  walls in the Silversands area, but caused no further damage.

Fishing This week we had 2 groups of fisherment from South Africa, so most boats were out for 5 days. Neptune was top boat with 20 sail over the 5 days. In addition the catches included giant trevally, yellowfin, kingfish, kolikoli, dorado and barracuda. All boats were trying to live bait, but most of the time the bait itself was very difficult to catch. No Marlin seen this week, but Eclare got a good giant trevally estimated at 50 kgs. and Neptune on the 4th October got 8 sail and said they should have had double that number, and then on the 6th October Neptune got 6 sail, a couple of kingfsih and yellowfin. Nothing much happend on Sunday: Eclare had 2 sailfish and a few tuna and Snark lost 3 sailfish in a row, one after the other.
So the weeks fishing was really dominated with sailfish, which is very nice indeed. A much sought after billfish featuring high on the Anglers list. Long may it continue.

The net fishermen have been reluctant to go to sea, because their nets are being carried away by whales. These shark nets are very strong pieces of equipment and can capture fish of 1000 lbs or more, but whales are different and can carry such nets away, floats, bouys, and anchores, the whole lot. They are then impossible to find again. Hopefully the whale will be able to rid itself of the net, when it does the net will become a serious menace to shipping and to other fish. On the 7th, four nets were carried away in this manner.

The trawlers still operate, I am not sure where, because they are no longer visible from the shoreline. One of these ships was in Malindi this week off loading tons of small and juvenile fish.

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