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Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 21st October 2007

Weather Better weather now, not so rough and winds not so strong. Full moon will be on the 26th October. A few short showers on most days, enough to keep everything green, but not a lot of rain. Getting hotter.

Fishing  This week Malindi was hosting the Driftwood Gamefish Extravaganza, organized by Basil Hill from Durban, South Africa. This must be the 14th year that this tournament has run, thanks to Basil Hill and his team and may it continue for many more years to come. I feel confident that it will, providing prices within Kenya remain stable and of course the political scene as well. Right now Kenya is expensive.
The fishing has not been as good as previous years. Weather conditions have been decidedly odd, which may be a deciding factor . However, although sailfish was the principal target for most boats there were some other notable catches: a striped Marlin on Alleycat on day 3 and a Black Marlin on SnowGoose on day 4,  Both fish were tagged and released. SnowGoose had a nice Cobia of 22.5 kgs and Snark a good yellowfin of 20.5 kgs. Alleycat on day one, had 8 giant trevally. Must have found a nest of these fish.
This tournament is run on the team system. Each team consists of 4 fishermen, and the teams change boats on each day. Anypoints won belong to the team and the winning team emerges after 4 days fishing. This method does not leave much to chance, surprising therefore that the winning team caught the only two Marlin on different boats on different days, well done indeed. The winning team then was Zabra, fished by David Pretorious, Thomas Gillies, Trevor Sony and Bryan Harvett. Second, was the Port St.Francis Pirates, fished by Mr and Mrs Gibson and Mr and Mrs Barnes. Third was team Real McCoys fished by Ashley Seiler, Wouter Foord, Ian Steward and Paul Davies. The prize giving took place during the closing dinner at the Driftwood Club on Friday evening, where a jovial atmosphere prevailed. Basil Hill was also celebrating his 200th Billfish caught over the years in African waters, the biggest being a Marlin of 860 lbs. Well done Basil. Judging by the amount of beer consumed, I believe everyone had a good time, inspite of the slow fishing. Have a safe journey back home, and see you all again next year.
Following directly after the Extravaganza the Malindi Sea Fishing Club held its annual International Fishing Festival on the Saturday and Sunday. For the first time in many years Cooper Motors were not sponsoring this event and instead Lonro and the Airline 540 were the chief Sponsors, and what a good job they did of it. Their organization of this event was very good, and our thanks go to all those involved in the 540 organizing team. Sixteen teams of 3 took part, a good turn out.  The fishing was difficult, but at the end of each day there were many fish at the weigh in.
At the end of the first day Alleycat was well in the lead with 5 sail and 8 good wahoo. Second was Neptune with Tarka very close behind. It seemed at this stage highly unlikely that anybody could catch Alleycat, but fishing is unpredictable. On the second day Alleycat had 5 sail up to the baits, but only managed to get one plus a yellowfin. Neptune got 4 sail and a dorado. Only these two boats at the top with more than 1000 pts each. and it was a very close run thing in the end, with Alleycat coming out ahead by just 1/10 th of a kilo. So Alleycat came first, fished by Ivor, Al, and David, with Neptune second fished by Russell and young Peter Brumby and Angus, Third was Seahorse, fished by Eddie and Glen Scanlon and Peter Ready. The Irish contingent, fished with Peter Ready on Seahorse and  came third, the first time that Eddie and Glen Scanlon have ever featured on the prize list. A good result there. The two youngest fishermen,  both very keen, were Peter Brumby 13 years old and Jackson Brown 9 years old. Jackson fished with father Earnie on Snark and had no problem in catching all the fish on Snark that day - 2 sail, 1 giant trevally, 1 kingfish, 2 barracuda and a yellowfin. Obviously much quicker to the rod than father. Well done. Peter was not feeling great, but also never had a chance against rod grabbers like Russell and Angus. You have to be real quick to beat those two.
The story of the tournament has to be Tega and the Whale Shark. Whilst cruising the waters looking for fish, Tega  came upon a friendly Whale Shark. They got very close to this huge creature, when the two young boys jumped into the water and hitched a ride on the sharks back and also by holding on to a fin. Father then jumped into the sea and rode the fish on its back. The fish then came right alongside the boat and he was able to step on board from the fishes back. A lovely story, emphasizing just how harmless and tolerant  these big fish are. Why now, would anyone in their right mind want to kill these big gentle fish.
A vote of thanks to all those concerned in organizing the tournament. Carole Brown and Rusty who did all the scoring, Yusuf the weigh master, David Darnbouough who did the auction and officiated at the prize giving. Agneta, who once again produced a very good dinner, barmen, waiters etc. and of course the Sponsors. 540 did well, and we  are very pleased to hear that they will be prepared to do it again next year.

The arrival of Benazin Bhutto back in Pakistan after 8 years of self exile, was a big event  which became even bigger with the assisination attempt which killed over 130 people and injured many more. The suicide bombers did their ugly work right in the middle of a huge crowd of Bhutto supporters. A horrendous situation.  What chance is there for democracy in these Muslim states which practical violence to sort out political differences. None.

The awful fires in California are causing grief and suffering to thousands of people who have had their homes completely destroyed. Just imagine your home and the entire contents burnt to the ground. Disaster. Some will find it difficult to recover from this. Hopefully, in time, they will sort this out.
Fires in California seem to happen every year or so, but this is a particularly bad one with such strong winds prevailing that fire fighters are finding it impossible to contain the fires, which are now out of control. Fires are horrible, causing destruction and ruin. Authorities should do everything possible to stop these fires from ever starting up in the first place HP