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Subject: Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 02.12.07

Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 2nd December 2007


Fishing  Many different species caught this week, including tiger shark, bull shark, and blacktip shark. Twenty different species recorded in all. That in itself is a very interesting stat. figure. There are not many places today where you can expect to catch 20 different species in a weeks fishing. Makes for some very interesting sport. Some of the better fish this week include a Black Marlin caught on Eclare together with a bull shark and a sailfish. On Tuesday Neptune had 4 good wahoo, one of which weighed in at 36 kgs, a beautiful fish. They also had 2 sailfish. On the same day Snark got a sailfish and released a tiger shark estimated at 200 kgs. Tina also had a good day on Tuesday with 3 sailfish, 5 wahoo, a black tip shark plus smaller fish. Wednesday Snark had another tiger shark estimated at 150 kgs, while Neptune was quite content with 3 sailfish 3 wahoo, a Cobia ( black runner) and 4 queen fish, which have suddenly appeared on the scene. On Thursday, Snark did it again with a much bigger tiger shark estimated at 400 kgs, a big fish indeed, which the anglers wanted to release. But now a communication problem arose because the skipper thought that the anglers wanted to keep the fish, and so contacted Kingfisher for directions on how to proceed. He was told very quickly that on no account should the fish be killed and must be released. As this is exactly what the anglers wanted in the first place, everyone was happy. The fish in question was a big female, heavily pregnant and about to pup down at anytime. Such a fish should never be killed. Neptune got 5 sail plus a selection of smaller fish. Both Eclare and Neptune had 5 sailfish each on Saturday.

Our computer came out with a statistic the other day which I find quite extraordinary. In the last 70 days of fishing, our top boat caught 328 sailfish and 6 Marlin, making a daily average of 4.69 sailfish and 0.09 Marlin. Average daily billfish is 4.77. This takes into account all 70 fishing days, whether fishing for sail or not. I think you will all agree that this is an amazing average.

A good week for fishing with a few different fish appearing on the scene. A fish called Soli (Swahili name) which is a horse mackerel, was present in these waters in big shoals years ago, now only seen occasionally. The same for the skipjack, and also the queen fish which is only seen occasionally now. Lets hope that all these fish will become plentiful again in the future.

I was not in the least surprised to hear that a British Female School teacher in the Sudan has been arrested and faces severe punishment for allowing her young pupils to name their teddy bear Mohamed. This must be way over the top. How is it then that half the population of the Islamic community is named Mohamed, which must include a fair number of criminals. Are we to assume that this teacher deliberately offended the Islamic community in the Sudan. I doubt that very much, and why is such enormous offence taken for something which any where else in the world you would not even think about. Why should Islamic law be invoked in such a trivial case. The whole thing is utterly childish, and only designed to cause an international incident.

I thought that there was a law in this country which prohibits any candidate standing for parliament or a civic seat from buying votes. It has been widely circulated in the press that a candidate  for the Presidency has offered Government jobs to a section of the community in exchange for their vote.
Mr Odinga who is standing for the Presidency has offered, the Muslim Community Govt. jobs should he win. The Muslims on their part have promised to support no other candidate for the 2007 elections , and to declare public support for Mr. Odingas presidential bid. Well now, if there was ever a case of buying votes, this just has to be it. The Muslims claim that they wanted to safeguard the interests of Muslims who have suffered atrocities and suppression for the last 44 years in successive Governments. I have seen no evidence of this, in fact Muslims appear to have prospered in the last 40 years.
The danger here is that other minority communities will receive little support from Govt. should Mr. Odinga win. This is not good news for other communities in Kenya and I certainly do not wish to see a Muslim dominated Government here. However, Mr Odinga did say that should he win, the coast would benefit with development money for the first 2 years of his Govt. As the coast has always been mostly sidelined ever since Independance this is very welcome news and hopefully every shilling spent on development stands to benefit everyone and not just one section of the community.

Traffic in Malindi is terrible and driving in the town is a nightmare. Tuktuks bicycles are more and more, and now threaten to jam up the whole road system in town. Heaven help us when the Xmas holidays arrive.

Power cuts are frequent, a daily occurrance and of varying duration. Any development under these conditions will be difficult. Still, it is nothing like Zimbabwe which has had no power for over a week now. This fellow Mugabe really has screwd up that once fantastic  country.  HP