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Subject: Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 16.12.07

Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 16th December 2007

Weather  Mostly calm, ecpecially in the mornings. but some days the seas quite rough, with the N.E.wind becoming stronger. The N.E. monsoon has definately set in now. Neeptides just now with a full moon on the 24th December. No rain for us here, but further north in the Tana river area, they have had some good rain. Malindi Bay is dirty with river water, but fishermen are now catching Malindi Herrings in the bay. Evening winds cool and pleasent

Fishing   Another good week with a total of 64 sail caught, plus dorado, tuna, barracuda, skipjack and many bonito and frigate mackerel. The shark net fishermen are still catching a fair number of sailfish  and small sharks, but not much of anything else.
On Saturday the Pope's Trophy was held in Malindi. This a one day tournament in aid of Alister Paul's Education Trust. Kingfisher give their boats free for this one day and the outside boats are paid for fuel. The fishermen then charter the boats for 30,000/- Shillings. This has proved popular with the young generation who would love to go fishing but never have the chance. Well, this year I believe the majority of prize winners were all youngsters. Good, I like to see that.
This year there was a very good turn out. I don't think I have seen so many people in the club house who all know each other. Just like old times, and so many of Alister's old friends , a fantastic atmosphere.
Prizes are also donated, and in this respect Capt Andy's, Ian Craig from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Batian Craig on Ol Pajeta, Richard Collins of Kakuzi, all gave fantastic prizes.  Without them we would have been hard pressed to find any prizes at all. The Pope's Trophy stipulates that all boats must carry a crate of beer to alleviate the possibility of any fishermen succumbing to thirst, and this was donated by Capt.Andy's, who also donated a new Yamaha 8 hp outboard Engine to be auctioned at the end of the prize giving. They also gave each of the young contestants a voucher of 1000/- shillings to spend at Capt Andy's shop. From Brendan and Sandra Hill a cedar coffee table and two picture frames. Batian Craig 2 boxes Ol Pejeta Beef and Honey and two nights for two at Porini Rhino Camp , and if taken up during the later part of January 2008 they have the opportunity to witness a rhino capture. Such a voucher was recently auctioned in the U.S. and realised 27,000 US $. A great prize.  Ian Craig gave two nights for two at the Lewa Safari camp. This is all inclusive, including game drives. Ian also gave two nights at Rutundu Fishing Camp a self catering lodge. Richard Collins, always ready to help in any situation, donated 4 engraved beer mugs and a lb of Kakuzi tea. To all of you many thanks for your support. Our thanks also go to Sheikh Mohamed and Milano for donating prizes. Without you fishermen there would be no tournament so a very big thank you. The boat owners, who gave their boat for the day, many thanks. And to the two ladies who really worked hard to make it all happen, Catharina and Carole, many thanks.
The fishing was not bad at all with 22 sail being caught by the 10 boats.  First was Neptune with team Rusty Hookers - russell Brumby and sons Peter and Herbie.  Young Peter got top angler having caught 4 of the 7 sail on Neptune.  Next was Eclare with team Taliban - Nigel DeSouza, Brendan o'Reilly; they had 4 sail and were level with Neptune until the last hour when Neptune fluked 3 sail together, you can't do much against that.  Third was White Dove with team The bold, the bad and the ugly - Arthur Brown, Jackson Brown, Andrew Paul and Arran Paul; they had 2 sail, one caught by Arthur and the other by Andrew.  Arran got the prize for the biggest 'other' fish which was a 12.5 kg dorado, a very nice fish and a well deserved prize.  Fourth was Tina with team Farmers United; they also had 2 sail but did not have a fish to beat Arran's dorado of 12.5 kgs.  Every team got a prize and every young fishermen also got a prize thanks to the generosity of the sponsors. A very successful weekend and I really hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.
Finally I would like to thank our two auctioneers, Rob Hart for stepping in to the breech when we were really stuck and David Darnborough for coming forward on Saturday afternoon to help give out the prizes.  Lastly many thanks to the Fishing Club for letting us hold the event in the Club house.

The other day a young man in England was killed with a Samurai Sword. The Govt. in their wisdom want to ban the Samurai Sword. What rubbish. I am quite sure that the same result could be achieved with a crowbar, or a big spanner, a hammer perhaps, and what about the sword which is hidden in a walking stick. The Samurai sword is a work of art, and takes many years just to forge one sword by an expert, and I wonder if there are any of these master sword makers still alive. Today this sword is a collectors item, and a good one is worth a great deal of money. What would the Government of England intend to do with all the swords in private collections? destroy them, or sell them on to residents of other countries who's Governments realise that it is pointless to ban such a weapon when there are so many alternatives available to one who really wants to do it.

The continuing suicide bombs, car bombs or just road side bombs in the middle east is quite alarming. What do these people hope to achieve. As far as I can see they only make the situation worse, and breed hatred. It defeats me how these people can continue this carnage and are never brought to account for their actions.

The migrant fishermen invading the Kenya coast is very worrying indeed. They are everywhere from Lamu to the South Coast. Sometime ago these people invaded Ngomeni in quite a big way, but we are fortunate in having a very strong Chairman for the Ngomeni B.M.U.  and he sorted these people out one time.
So how does an invasion of this magnitude occur. Greed. Pure greed by a few business men who have no interest for the marine life of Kenya. They sponsor these fishermen to come here with all their destructive equipment - seine nets, nylon gill nets etc, - and catch fish which the business man buys and hopes to make a lot of money on the resale. In the meantime of course the local fisherman is bitching like crazy but to no avail, the Govt. just sits back and takes no notice. In much of the correspondence on this subject we are asked to alert the fisheries Dept. of this problem. this must mean that they have no idea of what is happening on their own patch. Would not surprise me at all. The Govt. has actually treated the local fisherman shabbily over the years. No Govt. assistance of any kind, no improvement, no cold storage. The young men who should be following their fathers in the fishing industry are actually languishing in jail on drug related charges, They have become criminals. Now the Govt. allows foreign migrant fishermen from neighbouring countries, who have destroyed their own fishing grounds with dynamite and poisons, to come and wreck the fishing in this country. In order to avert any possibilities of violence I feel the authorities should act fast and remove these people from our waters and beaches which they have all but taken over. HP