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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 09.12.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 9th December 07

Weather  Still quite calm with winds mostly Easterly. The N.E. Kaskasi wind has not really started to blow yet. Some dirty water coming down the Sabaki River, but Malindi bay is quite clean at the  moment. Dirty water sometimes reaching well out to sea being blown there by the off shore breeze. New moon on Sunday the 9th, so we can expect a change in the weather.

Fishing This weekend Malindi hosts the Mathews/deVilliers Memorial Tournament. Held over the two days, Saturday and Sunday. The tournament has attracted an entry of 15 boats, the best attendance we have had for many years. The fishing though has become difficult. The fish are here alright but are playing hard to get.
Monday until Friday most boats have been getting sail, but not in the quantities we were getting a few weeks ago. Wahoo, dorado yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, and barracuda all feature in catches this week. Also a few cobia, longtail tuna, koli koli and kingfish have been caught. Baitfish appear abundant at this time: plenty of bonito and frigate mackerel.
Neptune released a tiger shark on Wednesday of about 200 - 250 kgs. a very nice fish.
On Tuesday two boats went on an overnight to the South Malima but had no luck at all. On Wednesday 6 boats went out on an overnight to the same place, 4 boats did not score and 2 boats got 2 broadbill each, but I have no idea about size and weights.
Local fishermen are catching a lot of barracuda at night with strong lights. I also heard that the shark nets have caught 2 or 3 Marlin last week. I believe they were not big fish.
Fishing Saturday was quite difficult for most boats but not for Popi 1 who had 6 sail, way ahead of everyone else. Neptune, Eclare and Tarka were next with 3 sailfish each. SnowGoose actually had 4 sail , but only 1 was tagged, the other 3 were released , and could not therefore be counted. Tina was next with 2 sail and a blacktip shark. Then came the rest of the boats with 1 sail each, 28 sail caught for the days total.
Sunday. Unreel came first today with 4 sail. Then followed Tengesi - the only boat in the private boat categorie and fished by Adam Ogden - Eclare and SnowGoose with 2 sail each. 24 sail was the take for the day. Most boats did not catch much else other than sail, but then all the boats are fishing for sailfish, because sail get more points per kilo. Snark was the exception today catching 1 sail, 1 giant trevally, 5 kingfish, 3 longtail tuna, 1 dorado and 3 bonito.Quite a nice mixed bag.
The results are as follows. 1st was boat Popi 1 with a total of 9 sail and fished by D.Corbeel, Hemedi and Salim. 2 nd was Neptune fished by Filu Salle, Tom Cunningham and Angus Paul. 3 rd was Unreel fished by Ruth Vaughan, Rob Benjamin and Sean Finlayson, with 5 sail and 4th was Eclare also with 5 sail, fished by Martin Clark, Terry and Amanda.
It will be noticed that Popi 1 was fished by the professional crew of Hemedi and Salim, with only one client from Europe, who broke with tradition and failed to fill the trophy cup. Thanks has to go to Angus Carr for organising 7 teams mostly from the farming community. Many thanks Angus.

I do not agree with much of what Gordon Brown says and does, but staying away from the Lisbon conference must be one of his better moves. Mr Mugabe is an evil man and I believe that the German Cancellor made this qute clear when she berated him for destroying his own country of Zimbabwe, and causing so much hardship for all Zimbabwians.

Capt. Andy has very kindly donated a new  Yamaha outboard engine to be auctioned at the Pope's Trophy prize giving. Proceeds to go to Alisters Education Fund.  This is a most generous gesture from Andy Thomas, who has already done so much for Sportfishing by donating prizes for many different tournaments.
I remember Andy and Eri when they ran Ocean Sports Hotel. Well, that was obviously not what Andy had in mind and so he started Capt. Andy's tackle shop on the premises of Ocean Sports. Very soon there after he had another shop going at Ratna Square in Mombasa. Then the main office was moved from Ocean Sports shop to Mida Creek, where he built a facility to take boats out of the water and store them. Then having obtained the dealership for Yamaha outboard engines for Kenya, he proceeded to build the Yamaha canoe with all the materials neccessary being imported from Japan. I have seen the finished product and very nice they are too. Strong, robust and sea worthey craft. Whilst these are all big projects and now successful, he and Eri now embark on the biggest project of them all; not for the faint hearted. This envolves the purchase of quite a large plot in Mombasa quite close to where the old Bahari Club used to be. The plot stretches from the main road to Nyali right down to the sea not far from the Tamarind and here he proposes to build a proper Marina. Along the main road to Nyali he has built a large, imposing building, The ground floor is shops and showroom; the next floor up will all be offices mostly for Capt/ Andy's but some will be let out. The next floor up will be apartments with a wonderful view. Just when this building will be ready I dont know, but it can not be long now. The next phase will be the Marina, something which Mombasa does not have yet, infact there is not a modern Marina in Kenya. Residents will be happy to see this, but visiting boats will delighted to have this facility and the shop will be selling anything to do with fishing and boat equipemnt, fittings etc.
Andy and Eri, we wish you well, and many thanks for the outboard engine.

Nairobi used to be a very pleasant place to live, particularly outside the town where the Prince of Wales School was situated. In the years late 40's and early 50"s I can not remember much serious crime or traffic problems, probably because most people could not afford a car. 50 years later the scene is very different. The population has increased beyond all reasonable bounds, and serious crime seems to be the order of the day. Traffic, and the number of vehicles on roads which have not changed much in the last 50 years, is causing traffic jams of immence proportions. The amount of fuel burnt when standing still for hours in traffic jams, must be asronomical and the man hours lost sitting in traffic jams must be a cause for concern. Nairobi is bad, but it is not the only town/city with these problems. All major towns are facing the same situation. A friend of mine in Mombasa the other day took 2 hrs from Changamwe to the middle of town, a distance of no more than 10-12 miles. And now we come to Malindi and the big problem here is bicycles. This has to be the bicycle capital of Kenya. There are so many bicycles on Malindi Roads that it is now dangerous to drive a car. It seems to me that the huge increase in population is mostly responsible for these problems, but what the answer is I just do not know. Obviously something will have to be done, or maybe a major natural disaster will descend upon us and sort out the whole mess. Now I hear that Kampala is even worse, and some people refuse to drive there. The motorbike taxi has taken over in Kampala and now threatens Mombasa and Malindi. HP