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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 05.01.08

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 5th.January 2008

Weather Generally quiet and calm but some days rough at sea. Cloudy most days in the morning but clearing later. New moon will be next week on the 8th January. No rain, so Malindi Bay fairly clean at this time.

Fishing Still plenty of sail out on the Rips and a few inshore. A Black Marlin and a small Striped Marlin were also caught this week together with the many sailfish. Lets hope that this is a good sign for the next few months. Giant trevally, kingfish, wahoo, yellowfin, dorado and barracuda are all available.
Tuesday January 1st, there was no fishing. On the 2nd SnowGoose 1 kingfish, 1 dorado, bonito. Snark 3 wahoo, 3 kingfsih, 3 dorado, 1 yellowfin, bonito. Tina 2 giant trevally, 1 sail. Neptune 2 sail, (a short day on the banks) Eclare on the Rips, 7 sail. 3 yellowfin, dorado. On the 3rd. Eclare on the rips, raised many sail but only got one and a wahoo. Neptune ( a short day on the banks) a nice kingfish of 23 kgs, 1 giant trevally, many bonito. Snark 2 wahoo, 2 kingfish, 2 yellowfin, 1 giant trevally, 1 dorado, bonito. Tina 2 giant trevally, 1 barracuda, SnowGoose, 2 sailfish. On the 4th Eclare, Neputne Tina all had 1 sail each, and SnowGoose 4 sail and 1 wahoo, dorado on the rips. On the 5th SnowGoose had 6 sail and 1 dorado on the rips, Neptune on the banks released a nice shark, probably a dusky shark of 75 kgs (estimated) got 2 giant trevally, 4 kingfish, 1 yellowfin, 1 barracuda, lots of bonito. No fishing on Sunday 6th, cancellations already taking effect,
Nobody has been North for a while, but I am ssure we will be going there in the next few weeks.

The immidiate reaction by most European Governments to the unrest in Kenya is to slap on travel bans to this country, and some carry it even further and require its citizens already in Kenya to return as soon as possible, even sending aircraft to air lift all their nationals out. They do this of course to save their own backsides from any recriminations should any of its citizens suffer injury or death due to rioting on terrorist activity. Then the answer would be: I told you so. However, the individuals who imposed these travel bans, obviously never gave a thought to Kenya's economy or to the millions of peaceful Kenyans, thousands of whom now find themselves on the streets without a job. And why?  Because of what the Embassy here tells them. Sky news the BBC or some similar News channel, which blows the whole thing out of proportion. The chaos is confined to the cities and large towns  -  Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret - and then only in certain areas like the slums of Nairobi. Residential area in Nairobi: and Mombasa have been quiet since day one. Not one tourist has been molested, hurt or injured in all this chaos. So why all the fuss? Why these irresponsible, badly thought out travel bans, which only make things ten times worse. Hopefully there are many out there who can think and work everything out for themselves and will still come to visit us, inspite of travel bans. You will be very well looked after, that I can assure you. I wonder if travel bans were in place when Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speak and many others first set foot in Africa. Bet there was, but they took no notice of that and came anyway and never regretted it. One thing I am prepared to bet on and that is if the fishermen stay away - as some tour operators have threatened to do - the fishing will be fantastic. Do not let Kenya go down the drain.

Finally Mr Odinga has agreed to talk with Mr Kibaki and thrash out some sort of agreement, which should go some say to calm things down. Of course any violence now is inter tribal, which is crazy, because it will have a boomerang effect on any of your tribe domiciled elsewhere. The insatiable lust for power between these two major players is quite amazing, to the extent, it would seem, of sacrificing all.  
Georgia is also having elections at this time and appears to be having similar problems as we have here, with the actual voting process, but are overcoming these problems a lot better than we are, although the opposition  is only now starting to make noises about rigged  and unfair elections. HP