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Subject: Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for week ending Sunday 20.01.08

Kingfisher Weekly Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 20th January 2008


Fishing  Some very good fishing right now. Lots of fish on the Malindi Banks including Black Marlin which are seen everyday by most boats and several have been tagged and released. Seahorse raised five one day but not one was interested. Neptune has only been out four times this week, and got a Black Marlin on three days. Up north, Mambrui/Ngomeni area also plenty of fish. Sailfish boat a few days ago saw 2 Black Marlin in the one day, but not many boats fishing the area, only Snark and that only for a few days.
Monday there was no fishing, but lots of Marlin seen on  the Malindi Banks.
Tuesday Snark fished in the Mambrui area and came home with 5 kingfish, 1 wahoo, 2 dorado, 3 longtail tuna, and a whole lot of bonito. Eclare on the rips managed a wahoo, a barracuda and some bonito, Malachite was out with Arran. He won this trip in the Pope's trophy and invited the Wright boys along. Apparently they hooked a Marlin which they lost and a giant trevally which they also lost, and ended up with a load of bonito. Exciting.
Wednesday. Neptune, fishing on Malindi banks released a Black Marlin estimated at 90 kgs, and 4 black tip sharks/dusky/bronze whalers. A really beautiful shark, the biggest estimated at 100 kgs and the other 3 slightly less. The day did not end here, because they went on to get 1 rainbow runner, 9 dorado, 3 wahoo, 1 kingfish and about 60 bonito and frigate mackerel. A  very good days fishing: not much time to open a beer let alone drink it. Eclare went on a short day for bottom fishing and got 2 red snappers.
Thursday. Neptune, fishing on the Malindi banks, got a Black Marlin which was tagged and released, and estimated at 100 kgs. Thereafter 3 wahoo plus baitfish, 10 dorado and kingfish. Snark was in the Mambrui/Ngomeni area and had a good day. 2 sailfish, 2 kingfish, 2 wahoo, 1 giant trevally, 8 dorado, 10 bonito.
Friday no boats were out, but I hear from those that were that the fishing was not so good today.
Saturday. SnowGoose was out for just a couple of hours and got 2 wahoo and a garfish. Neptune on the Malindi banks did not have such a good day with 1 kingfish, 1 yellowfin, a dorado and 10 bonito. Snark in the Mambrui area had a more interesting day hooking 2 sail and loosing them both and then loosing a Black Marlin after 10 min. They finished up with 1 wahoo, 3 kingfish, a barracuda, and 8 bonito.
Sunday A cloudy and overcast day  with quite a lot of rain during the day and strong winds, rough seas. Fishing though was good, apart from Eclare who was unable to go jigging due to the weather. Snark, in the north, got 1 sail, 1 wahoo of 34.4 kgs a very nice fish, and 3 smaller wahoo, a longtail tuna, and some bonito. Snark reported the seas as being not too bad. Neptune fishing the Malindi banks had a Black Marlin and a sail, 1 giant trevally of 42 kgs, a big fish by any standard, plus a smaller one. 2 small yellowfin, 2 dorado and a whole lot of bonito completed their day. Fishing was good this last week. Neptune was out 4 times on the Malindi banks and got 3 Marlin, and on the one blank day raised a big fish which would not take anything. Further north in the Mambrui area the fishing was also good. Lots of wahoo, longtail tuna, kingfish, etc. and masses of bait fish. Marlin are also present. but with only 1 or 2 boats operating in the area it is difficult to guess what numbers are there, I would think that there are sufficient in the waters there to make some interesting fishing.

It seems extraordinary to me that a man can walk out of the Ministry of Defense in England carrying a lap top with very sensitive information on it. Surely this is a security risk. Lap tops are easy to loose. They get nicked, forgotten on buses, or in taxi's, shops restaurants. I suppose the reason would be that he wants to work on it at home. This should never be allowed. Sensitive material like this has to be worked on in the security of the office and a safe computer, and if it requires working until midnight or 1 o'clock in the morning, then so be it,

I watched the first session of parliament on television last night, whereby the house has to elect a speaker and all MP's are sworn in. From the very beginning it was obvious that Mr Odinga's crowd wanted to vote en block, where as the secret ballot was the system employed ever since Independence. This point was argued for what seemed like hours before they finally agreed to the secret ballot: but the damage had been done, and Mr Kiparo lost by 4 votes to Mr Odinga's man Mr Marende. Now Mr Odinga has called for mass peaceful rallies and demonstrations for 3 days running i.e.. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of this week in 41 towns throughout Kenya. This is  just asking for trouble. As far as I can see those attending the rally in Nairobi are few and consists of youths without jobs and layabouts and those hoping to have a good day looting what ever they can.The situation today in Kenya is completely unpredictable, so I am not even going to try to analyze this mess that  we find ourselves in. I am no political expert, just a fisherman and safari operator , who is very concerned about the future of our country, So right now I can only recount what has actually happened, some of it is fact and some will be rumors and fictitious. We , who are living at the coast are not fully aware of what is happening upcountry, or what skullduggery goes on behind the scenes.
It has  become increasingly obvious that these so called peaceful demonstrations are not doing any good, and must stop at once. They only create more unrest and  increase the death toll.  No, this violence must stop. because nothing will happen until it does. All news broadcasts only concentrate on reporting the violence  giving a false impression of the situation in Kenya. Now the O. D, M,- the opposition- have called for an economic boycott of companies owned by members of the P.N.U.-the government. For goodness sake, this can only generate more hatred along  ethnic and tribal lines. All the violence today is intertribal and will unfortunately take many years to heal.
In spite of all the killings in certain areas, most of the country is quiet, and visitors to the coast will not experience any problems at all.

An article appearing in the New York Sun tries to clarify the relationship between Mr Obama and Mr Odinga, claiming that they could be cousins. Having read the whole article I do not think it can do Mr Obama much good, assuming that the American public read it. HP