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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for period Monday 24.12.07 to Monday 31.12.07

Kingfisher Fishing Report  for Period Monday 24th December to Monday 31st December 2007

Weather The NE - E wind is much stronger now, causing Malindi Bay to be muddy and rough. Most days are calm in the morning, with the wind becoming stronger during the day. Seas are quite rough some days and there is dirty water off Malindi. We have a waning moon now with dark nights - New moon will be on the 8th January.

Fishing. Sailfish are still here off Malindi. but not in such large numbers as a few months ago, also they are not taking all that well, and nobody really knows why. Variable winds and changing currents and perhaps dirty water and certainly temp. all seem to affect the fish in some way or other, but the fact remains that the fish become timid and are reluctant to take a bait. Could be sun spots or the moon or atmospheric pressure; All these factors can affect the fish. Now off shore on the Rips sailfsih are suddenly abundant and some boats are catching sail in double figures, whilst other boats in the same area find it difficult to raise even one fish. This is what Clueless did on the 2nd day of the Watamu comp. caught 10 or so sailfish thereby winning the comp.; that's fishing. Eclare had a good catch on the first day Friday 28th, eventually landing a Black Marlin of 410 lbs which was D.O.A. when they finally got the fish to the boat, having had to hand line the fish up from the depths. The fish was hooked in the middle of the back making it vertually impossible to land the fish according to the rules. The boat was in anycase time barred - it took so long to bring up the fish - and secondly the fish would have been disqualified - having to had line the fish up - but had it all gone well, with 2 sailfish on the 2nd day I think that Eclare would have won. Well now, call it what ever you like, but sods law seems appropriate at this time.
On Monday 31st Eclare had 5 sail and SnowGoose 5 sail. all on the Rips. Sunday 30th Neptune 6 sail, Eclare 3 sail all on the Rips. Closer to home SnowGoose had a bad day with only a yellowfin tuna and some bonito. Snark and Tina both had a sailfsih, kingfish, wahoo, longtail tuna dorado and bonito. Saturday the 28th Snark got 3 sailfish. 2 wahoo, 2 barrucuda and bonito. SnowGoose only some bonito and Tina also just some bonito and a barracuda. Seas rough. Eclare and Neptune in the Watamu comp.
The childrens comp in Watamu took place on Boxing day with 10 boats. Unfortunately the seas were quite rough and many felt sea sick. Alleycat was the winner with the Darnborough children on board. Second was Neptune with two Brumbys, 2 deMare and Andrew Paul. Third was Nina 2 with 2 Conways and 2 Taylors. However, all who took part got a prize, supplied yet again by Capt. Andy's. The main feature about this comp. is seeing the number of younsters - girls and boys - taking part, and the enthusiam and competative spirit that this event has generated. Long live sport fishing.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was a disaster causing political unrest, rioting and violence in Pakistan.
It must be fiddicult to control oneself at such times, but the distruction of private property and looting of shops is no answer to such a situation, but all too often violence is used to settle even the smallest dispute. We are so used to all this violence and assessinations that it is merely shrugged off as the work of Muslim extremists. Just seems that there are an awful lot of these guys around - like 90% of the population.
Benazir Bhutto was a very intelligent and remarkable woman, highly regarded throughout the world for her democratic principles. Exiled from  Pakistan for many years, she only recently returned knowing full well that the chances of being murdered were high. A brave woman indeed who will live on the the hearts of so many people.

On Xmas day Malindi suffered a serious set back when Scorpio Villas Hotel burnt down. The exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but I hear that arson has not been ruled out. Many fishermen stayed at Scorpio Villas and now they will have to look elsewhere. What a disaster, but the way in  which the Hotel was built - makuti roofed villas all very close together - made it a serious fire risk.

Now the elections. Here in Malindi we are unaware of much that is happening upcountry. But all is quiet in the Malindi area at the moment, and it is business as normal. In Nairobi and Kisumu it is a different story and I will try to set out the sequence of events as we know it. On December 27th voting took place through out Kenya, and whilst Malindi was quiet, peaceful, and organised I hear that in some places there was some trouble but nothing too serious. Late on the 28th we hear that Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga are running neck and neck with only a few votes still to count. The next thing, we hear that there is unrest and rioting in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa because  of the delay in anouncing results and alleged vote rigging. Then on Sunday 29th we hear that Mr Kibaki has won the elections and was quickly sworn in for a further five years term as President. With that information the rioting started in earnest, and I understand that many were killed in Kisumu and Nairobi. The looting of shops was also out of control. Pictures on Sky News show looters carrying  away T.V Sets, arm chairs, motor bikes etc. Not nice at all. New Years day was quiet in Nairobi and Mombasa, but Mr Odinga and his gang are planning a mass rally in Nairobi on Thursday. This could be dangerous. We are now being faced with shortages of food, fuel etc. brought about by all this political unrest and the fact that there are just too many public holidays at this time which the employee of course has to pay for. The damage done to the economy is enormous, tourism, manufacturing, farming, exports etc. but Mr Odinga and Mr Kibaki do not seem to show  the slightest  concern that they are destroying the country. Lets hope we get back to normality soon. The question now has to be asked, how did all this happern in an otherwise peaceful country. The responsability for this must be born by Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga. They have stirred up their  supporters to such a pitch, and created such animosity and hatred, that which ever way the elections went this unrest was going to happen. And the looters they are not politically motivated only taking full advantage of all the chaos to nick what ever they can. Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga why do you not set aside this hunger for power and material wealth and work together for the welfare of all Kenyans. Now that would make a change. HP