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Dear all,
We have been saying for years how good the fishing can be in the July, August, September period. The way this season has started it has proven us right once again.

Eclare has only fished 5 days and most short days at that, but she has had some fantastic fishing. She has already had 3 Black Marlin and seen quite a few others. Other game fish are around in abundance as well. She  has recorded 7 Giant Trevally all over 20 kgs with the biggest being 30+kgs..
There are some very big wahoo around with plenty topping the 20 kgs mark.

There has been a few more days fished out of Watamu. White Dove has had some incredible fishing with 10  Black Marlin and 1 Striped Marlin already this month. On one of these days they had 300+kgs of wahoo..

Alleycat has also started fishing and they have done 5 days up till now. They have had 5 Black a very nice bull shark of over 450 lbs released, 5 sailfish and loads of wahoo etc.etc.

There have also been some decent Yellowfin Tuna caught the biggest was 34 kgs.

The fishing at this time of the year is very exciting due to the fact aht you never know what is going to eat your live bait. The current pushes along the Malindi banks forcing all the smaller members of the food chain closer to the surface. The predators then congregate all along the bank devouring the feast and in the process your baits! You have a chance to catch any one of our game fish along this relatively small area and you never know what it may be. You need to come to experience this fishing.

Last week we had Arran here for 10 days over his half term. We decided to drive him back up to Nairobi and make a small safari of it by spending 2 nights in Tsavo on the way.  The first night we spent on Galana at David Darnborough's Lodge. Galana River Lodge. This was very nice, and I was pleasantly surprised how much small game there was along the river.  The next day we went through Sala Gate and into Tsavo East. The last car to go through the gate was 7 days before us. As we drove along the river route I could not help thinking of Dad.  I explained to Arran how his Grandfather would come in to the Park spend all his time not 20 klm away from Sala and see all the game!! While everyone else would go to all extremes of the park and come back having not seen half of what he had seen. We stuck to all his old tracks and as we moved on you could see how little the tracks have been used since the troubles in January.

I had forgotten how uplifting it is to be driving along and all you can see is unspoilt Africa. You can feel all the stress falling away and being left behind. Sure enough we saw everything along the river two Lions fantastic Elephants, herds of Buffalo, Hippo out of the water amazing birds as always in Tsavo.

And it leads me to think what an amazing product we have and no one using it, and how can a park like Tsavo sustain itself, with no one going through the gates?  It is difficult to understand how two weeks of madness can have such a drastic effect on a country. I do believe our leadership is undertaking the unthinkable of having a working coalition government in Africa and it is proving that if can work. It will be the first, and it needs everyone else to support them

 We drove out through Voi gate across the main Nairobi highway and up the Taita road to go and stay the night at our old friends Marcus Russell's Lodge which boarders Tsavo West and Lake Gippi. It is 2 years since last I stayed and what a fantastic job he has done on the place.

The next day we drove through Tsavo West and out the gate at Mtito Ande to continue the trip up to Nairobi.
The Driftwood have given some very affordable rates for the next 5 months which we have put in to a four day fishing package and posted on our web site. For any further information on the package please email us or look at our site

Angus Paul