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Kingfisher Fishing Report for week ending Friday 3rd April 2009
Very few fishing days this week with a black marlin, a few sailfish and a number of smaller game fish caught.

Dear All,
Unfortunately I don’t have to much news to give you on the fishing front this week. This is because there have been very few bookings and hence not a lot of boat days. The weather is still very fine at the coast and the wind has settled into the south. Hopefully the rain is on its way as the rest of the country has thankfully started to get some in the last few days. This really is a god send as things are getting desperate with very little food left and cattle dying daily in the north. We can only hope that it will continue and it is enough to produce a good harvest and alleviate the problems we are experiencing here.
On Saturday 28th March Neptune fished with Mike Reid and Melvin. The boat was at Ngomeini and they fished into Malindi. All in all it was a very good day as they released a 110 kg black marlin and added 10 yellowfin tuna, 3 wahoo,3 kingfish, 5 dorado and 5 kawa-kawa.
On Sunday 29th March Billy Lynch, down from Nairobi for another weekend of fly fishing was out on Snowgoose. Billy, an avid fly fisherman, is a very loyal client and has done many days with us this season. Considering we are into the off season now he had a good day tagging a sailfish on fly and 3 dorado.
On April Fools Day Eclare was out on a short day with Leonardo Krucker who was staying at Coconut Village. They had a very good day with a 42 kg sailfish, 2 wahoo, 2 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado.
On the 2nd April Malachite was out with Marc Beaver. They got 2 dorado,5 yellowfin tuna and 1 bonito. They saw tones of baitfish on the surface with lots of whales in amongst them.
On the 3rd Eclare was out on another short day and caught another sailfish and a whole load of tuna and 2 dorado.
The Watamu boats are still getting a few charters and it seems there are still marlin out on the rips. Most days that boats go out there marlin are either being caught or seen. That is good news as normally once the wind has swung around into the south the marlin disappear.
For you sports lovers out there what a choice we have on offer at the moment. Perfect for us out here with the rainy season coming up. On Saturday there was no less than five different sports being shown live at the same time. It does make a slight problem as you cant make up your mind on which one to watch and you end up flicking between them all and missing the best bits!   For us here the high light had to have been our rugby sevens team in Adelaide. They got to their first cup finals ever after beating South Africa in a group game. Unfortunately they met South Africa again in the final and lost 21-7 to them. However it really is an incredible effort by Kenya. Not only are they the new wonder boys of the IRB circuit but they are the most popular team on the tour in terms of support. I think this is mainly due to their friendliness and good sportsmanship on the pitch. This says a lot about Kenyans.
Take care

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