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Kingfisher Fishing Report for week ending Friday 27th March 2009
Sadly very few fishing days this week as bookings are hard to come by. Neptune has a very successful trip to Lamu and the NKB catching three black marlin in one day and a large broadbill during the night
Dear All,
All in all it has been a quite week for us with very few bookings. The wind has settled into the south now and although Neptune had a very successful Lamu\Nkb trip, the fishing has slowed down a lot this week. The ever faithful dorado are present as well as some other small fish but the billfish seemed to have moved off. It is still extremely hot and dry all over the country but there is some rain building up and we are hoping it will start this week.
On the 21st only Snark was out with Peter and Tine and Ronald from Holland. They came back with some small fish including dorado and yellowfin tuna.
On the 22nd Malachite was out with Philip Schultz and a client of his. They tried some spinning and caught a couple of  
koli-koli(yellow trevally.) Snowgoose was out on a five hour trip and got a sailfish,1 wahoo and a yellowfin tuna. Neptune headed up north with Peter Holdsworth a long time client of ours. They had plans of staying behind the rock at Ziwayu and then proceeding to Lamu. Unfortunately Peter was taken ill and they had to return in order to see a Doctor. Thankfully it wasn’t too serious.

The 23rd saw only Eclare out, with Mike Reid and Melvin from the UK. They came back with some dorado and didn’t see too much else.
Neptune headed back up north on the 24th with a much better Peter raring to go again. They stayed behind the rocks at Ziwayu tonight, and then headed up to Lamu. No other boats were out today.

On the 25th Eclare and Snowgoose were out on short days and came back, with mixed bags of a black tip shark each, quite a number of school size yellowfin and other bits and pieces.
On the 27th Neptune returned from the Nkb where they fished for two days and a night after overnighting in Lamu. They released a black marlin and one sailfish fishing into Ziwayu on the 24th. On the 25th fishing into Lamu they got 3 sailfish and lots of small fish.  On the trip to the Nkb they didn’t see to much at all on the first day but made up for it during the night and today. They released a broadbill of approximately 100 kgs and one of about twenty kgs in the night. Today they live baited on the inside ledge and released three black marlin and a sailfish. Not a bad way to end a very successful trip! In four days and a night they caught 4 black marlin, 5 sailfish and 2 broadbill.

This coming week Neptune has a few bookings and we hope to pick up a few others. Otherwise we will start to think about taking boats out the water soon for their annual stint of repairs and tarting up. We will keep at least two in over Easter when we hope there will be a few bookings around.
It is good to see that our government are doing all they can to revive our tourism industry. They have halved the price of visas into the country and families of four will only pay for two. This will run until the end of December 2009 and then will be reviewed again. So for those of you planning to come out next season or for a quick break during our low season this is good news.
Have a good week.

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