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Kingfisher Fishing Report for week ending Friday 13th March

Marlin galore and big ones at that!!!!

Dear All
What a weeks fishing we have just had of Malindi and Watamu. If you look back over the record books you will see that many of our big fish have been caught in March and this year is no exception. Neptunes grander blue was caught on the 18th March and a number of blacks over 800lbs have also been caught in March. The 700 lb mako which bit the tail of a large blue marlin was also in March. Neptune caught a lovely fish this week of just under 800 lbs and Alleycat released a black and a blue the same day both of which were estimated over 800 lbs. A few other large fish were lost or seen. Striped marlin are still around in large numbers, and closer in off Malindi smaller gamefish have been more prolific. The weather still remains very hot and humid and the wind is still northerly although it is expected to change at any minute. All in all it has been a brilliant weeks fishing with lots of very fishy tales.
Saturday the 7th March saw the start of the Penn International Challenge Cup( PICC). This tournament comprised nine teams from Holland and Belgium who fought it out over four days. Four of our boats took part with only Eclare excluded as she already had another booking. Snark had a good day with 1 black marlin and some smaller fish, whilst Neptune had a striped marlin and some small fish. Tina had a good mixed bag of a good sized giant trevally,a wahoo, a kingfish, 3 yellowfin tuna and some bait fish. Snowgoose released a black tip shark and got some smaller fish.
The 8th March was the last day of the Watamu Competition sponsored by Fly 540 and fished over two days. None of our boats took part but form all the reports reaching us it was a very successful competition. Tarka was the champion with a total of three striped marlin. Once again she had the winning formula team of Batian Craig and Phil Revett who were joined this time by Regie.2nd was White Mischief fished by Nick Michaelides,Andy Thomas and Danny Haller. 3rd was Unreel with Jeff Bell and co onboard. Eclare returned from an overnight trip of fly fishing with Billy Lynch from Nairobi. All in all it was a very successful trip. They released a striped marlin on fly on Saturday afternoon, and although they didn’t land any broadbill they had 4 attempts at broadbill in the night. It was a very bright night and they only had strikes after the moon went down quite late. Today in the morning they capped it all off with a released sailfish on fly. Tina released a black marlin and 4 sailfish while Snowgoose released a black and 2 sailfish in the PICC. However the real star today was Seyyida. Also fishing in the PICC and having not had the best day yesterday she certainly redeemed herself today by catching 3 black marlin and a striped marlin. What a day and well done to the anglers and crew. All in all an exciting day today for most boats.
9th March was a relatively slow day for marlin with none of our boats catching any. Neptune did lose a very big fish which took a live yellowfin tuna. After a short fight the swivel clip broke which was very bad luck indeed. Snark had a fun day with Tine and Ronald De Jaager on board releasing 3 sailfish, 4 dorado,1 yellowfin and 1 queenfish. The anglers in the PICC were on a rest day today.
10th March saw the resumption of the PICC. Tina released a black marlin estimated at 65 kgs and added an assortment of small fish. Snark had a sailfish,15 yellowfin tuna and 4 dorado and Snowgoose released a bull shark estimated at 150 kgs as well as some small fish. Eclare was fishing with the Jooste family from South Africa who are fly fishing fanatics but unfortunately they had no luck today.
11th March was another good day for Seyyida on the last day of the PICC. She released 2 striped marlin which easily made her the top boat of the tournament. Well done Seyyida. Snowgoose released a black marlin estimated at 60 kgs and lost another considerably bigger fish. Yellowfin tuna seem to be on the bite at the moment and Tina got 15 today as well as 2 wahoo and a dorado. Neptune had 2 sailfish, 21 dorado, 1 yellowfin, 1 barracuda and 1 wahoo. Eclare with the Jooste family released a sailfish on fly. Boats taking part in the Friends of Kenya over night tournament departed with some heading north to the NKB and the majority going south to the south mlima. The finish time is 2 pm tomorrow.
12th March was an amazing fishing day all round and one that doesn’t come around to often. Neptune fishing with Rudi Niven and Lucien Thinnmens had a day they won’t forget in a long time. They opted to stick around the canyons area of Watamu where lots of baitfish had been holding for a while. The plan was to catch some live baits and try for the big one. They managed to get some baits early and it wasn’t long before they had hooked, tagged and released a 150 kg black marlin. Seeing as they had got off to such a good start they stuck to live baiting hoping for a bigger marlin. At 2 pm their plans paid off and they had another strike on a yellowfin. This time they could see it was a much bigger fish and after an hour and a half the anglers had run out of steam. Angus took over and by this time it was obvious that the fish had gone to the bottom and died. Therefore it was like planning up a dead weight and with a big fish this is no easy feat. In fact if it had not been 130 lb line they probably wouldn’t have got it up. Anyway to cut a long story short after another hour or so up she popped. The fish had been foul hooked around the anal fin area and had got wrapped that is probably why she died on the bottom. Once back at Ocean Sports she weighed in at 785 lbs, what a fish. I say she because as most of you will know a fish this size is female. Males only grow up to 400 odd pounds. Angus reckons the one they lost two days ago when the swivel broke was just as big.  
The boats returned from the Friends of Kenya and the winner Alleycat had an incredible trip. Not only did she get a super grand slam but the black and blue were both big fish. Peter the skipper estimated both around the 800 lbs mark. They also had a stripey and a sailfish and just missed out on the broadbill. The broadbill fishing was slow for all boats and only three were caught.due to the moon being very full and bright. As I said Alleycat, fished by Joss Taylor and co were the winners followed by Alaskan and White Mischief. All boats in the competition either caught or had chances at marlin. All our other boats apart from Snark caught marlin today. Eclare with the Jooste family again got a 90 kg black marlin but although they were still fly fishing it was caught conventionally whilst looking for bait. Snowgoose released a small black and got a mixed bag of small fish and Tina with Kim and Rick released a 60 kg black, 1 sailfish and some small fish.
Friday 13th March lived up to its reptation and was not a lucky day for any of our boats. Eclare with the Jooste’s again tagged a sailfish on a fly and young Don had a go at a striped marlin. This being his first time he broke the tippet. They did raise 2 other stripeys and a black that did not take the fly.  The other boats just ended up with small fish.
 What a week’s fishing! The Friends of Kenya recorded 19  
marlin and 29   sailfish on 11   boats. Amazing stats really. The top marlin boat this season is Tarka and she is 4 away from a century. This is by far and away the most marlin caught in a single season in Kenya. The sailfish record I should think has also been smashed by Neptune but we haven’t got the exact figure yet. The season isn’t even over yet!!!!!!

Business is starting to slow down in Malind now and bookings are decreasing as the days go by. Neptune is busy into April however, and this includes two five day trips up north.
Have a good week and take care

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