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Kingfisher Fishing Report for week ending Friday 20th March
The season is coming to an end but the fishing is still good as Kenyas third Fantasy slam this season is recorded .White Bear lands a big blue  and Neptune has another exceptional overnight trip.

Dear All
The season may be drawing to a close but the fishing is still good and it is a shame that most operations have no more bookings. The end of March always signifies the end of the season and this is mainly due to the monsoon changing to the south. As soon as this happens the majority of our billfish continue their migration. This is due to colder water and wind coming into our waters and it also brings rain which tourists obviously could do without on holiday. For the simple lack of fish and tourists the period from the end of March to April is our off season. Having said that we have kept a boat in the water throughout the off season for the last few years now, and although we don’t do to many days we have had some excellent fishing. The monsoon changing later this year is most probably the main reason why the fishing is still good. We expect it to change within the week, however. Once this happens it is not to say that the fishing turns right off as some sailfish, marlin and bigger gamefish do stay behind. There is just not the prolific numbers that you would find earlier on in the season.
On the 14th and 15th we had two boats out on each day. There were no billfish caught on either day but quite a few gamefish, such as wahoo and tuna were caught. Eclare with the Jooste family fishing their last day had a 25 kg tuna on the 14th.
The 16th saw three of our boats fishing. Tina was the most successful with a 60 kg mako released and some tuna. She was fished by the De Wandel brothers from Belgium. Neptune didn’t do too badly either with 3 sailfish and some small fish on the NKB, she was fished by Tine and Ronald. Snowgoose ventured out to the rips with the Pollards from Ireland but didn’t have to much luck and returned with some small fish. White Bear however was also on the rips and got a lovely blue marlin of 668 lbs. Unfortunately it came up dead after a lengthy fight. A few days later she lost an even bigger fish after fighting it for a while.
On the 17th Neptune left Ngomeni for a four day safari up north to Lamu. They went along the inside and not out via the NKB as they wanted to moor behind Ziwayu for the night. The anglers were friends of Andys from Dubai, Raed Dubois and Mark Cheing. They only caught a few small fish on this first leg of the trip. Clueless and Tega also fished up North but went out to the NKB. Tega had an amazing trip and by four pm had a super grand slam of a blue, black and striped marlin and a sailfish. Although they were meant to be going to Lamu for the night plans were quickly changed. After collecting some light sticks from Clueless they began looking for the last species to make a fantasy slam, the broadbill. Luck was on their side and they released two broadbill in the night. This is Kenya’s third Fantasy Slam this season which is quite exceptional. Well done to Steve and the crew and anglers on Tega.
fished into Lamu on the 18th but apart from loosing a black marlin and releasing a few sailfish the fishing was slow. Off Malindi only Snowgoose was out with David Pollard and they had a disappointing day returning with a skunk. For those of you who haven’t heard of a skunk it is an American term for catching exactly nothing. It has happened to the best of us and I don’t think there is too many of you out there who haven’t experienced a skunk in some sort of fishing. Skunking only makes the days when you do catch fish, even better!

The 19th saw Neptune fish out of Lamu and head back towards Malindi via the NKB. She fished the night out there and will fish into Malindi tomorrow. Snowgoose was out today with Peter Bokea and Daphne and although they didn’t get any billfish they had a good mixed bag of game fish. Eclare fished out of Watamu on a five hour trip and caught two good sized yellowfin tuna and some other small fish with some clients from Bateleur Safaris
Neptune returned today from their trip up North and they ended it with a bang! Heading out from Lamu yesterday they released a blue of 80 kgs and a sailfish, 4 wahoo,3 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado. In the night they released 4 broadbill, two of these fish were good ones of 50 and 60 kgs. Today coming in to Ngomeni they released a black marlin of 100 kgs as well as a number of small fish. Another super grand slam and a very fun trip had by all. Tina was out with David and Celine Pollard again and they had a much better day today coming back with a big sailfish of over 35 kgs, 3 yellowfin, 6 dorado and some kawa-kawa. David had a go at some schooling yellowfin with a fly and was greeted with a big splash and a crack as the fish smashed the rod in two! Eclare released a sailfish and Snowgoose with Philip Schultz and some of his clients on board had a mixed bag of fish but no billfish.

Neptune has gone back up North for another 5 day safari with Peter Holdsworth. They will fish the NKB today and stay the night at Ziwayu and tomorrow continue up to Lamu. Let’s hope they have an exciting trip and I can give you some good news next week.

Take care.

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