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Kingfisher Fishing Report for week ending Friday 6th March 2009

Fishing getting tougher but still enough action for a fun day out.
Dear All
I must apologize for the very late report for this week. We have been experiencing e-mail link hiccups in Malindi and therefore haven’t been able to get the news to you on time. However we have now got a new line and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on.
Well it has been another good week on the sea for our boats although marlin yet again have proven hard to get. Boats are seeing marlin most days but landing them is a different matter. Sailfish are not being seen in huge numbers but there are still a fair few around. As is so often the case at this time of year there is a good variety of smaller game fish about. Dorado are making an early appearance. There will be more and more around as the wind settles into the south.
Saturday the 28th was a tough day for all our boats with no billfish being landed. Only wahoo, dorado, yellowfin tuna and baitfish today.
The 29th saw all our boats out again. It was Claude and Stefan’s last day out today and they had a sailfish, 2 wahoo and a dorado on Snowgoose. Tina and Snark came back with a sailfish each as well. Malachite still fishing with Gary Chesters was hunting for that illusive marlin but sadly there was another “no show”. Today also saw the last day of the Kilifi Classic Tournament. Eclare with a ladies team onboard took part but unfortunately “lady luck” was not on their side this time. They had their chances with at least four marlin but none of them stuck. Delta from Mtwapa won the tournament with 1 black marlin, 2 striped marlin and 8 sailfish. All three marlin were caught on the last day and it was a real come from behind, as they were not in the running after the first day. Tengesi, the leader after the first day managed to hold on to second despite a late surge from the ever present Tarka. She was fished by Batian Craig, Neil Mcray and Justin Larby. They caught 3 striped marlin and 2 sailfish on the first day and then had a black marlin on for a while on the second day. This fish would have wrapped it all up for them but unfortunately it threw the hook after a spectacular take. As if this wasn’t enough for the fish to know there was a problem, it came back for the bait a second time but once again fell off. Not very clever on the fishes behalf! Tengesi is only 21 ft so it was a very gallant effort from them.
The 2nd March produced a striped marlin and three sailfish for Mike Tracy on Neptune. Snowgoose and Tina returned with small fish only whilst Malachite with Gary Chesters did find a black marlin which they hooked but unfortunately the hook came out near the boat. Gary being the true fisherman that he is was thrilled to have seen the fish and to have had a chance at it. Losing it wasn’t the end of the world for him.
The 3rd was the beginning of a four day trip for a group from South Africa and the UK. It was organized by Alan Wilcock who has been here before. They stayed at Kingfisher Villas and fished on Tina and Eclare. Eclare had 2 wahoo and Tina 1 sailfish and some small fish. Snark with Keith Spall had a mixed bag of 2 blacktip sharks, a long tail tuna and some bait fish. Mike Tracy on  Neptune had another striped marlin and a sailfish.

On the 4th the Wilcock group didn’t have too much luck but still managed a sailfish and some small fish between the two boats. Snowgoose with Alessandro from Italy struggled with 3 dorado and Snark had a sailfish and some small fish.
The Wilcock group decided that they would brave the Malindi traffic by hiring four motorbikes instead of taking taxis. Now I mean it when I say they are brave,  those of you who have been to Malindi would have experienced the never ending throng of tuk-tuks and boda- bodas( motorbike taxis).After fishing they all took off back to the lodge amidst shouts of “be careful of the dangerous driving” etc .  To cut a long story short Alan Wilcock and Richie Burke faced Malindi driving first hand when they came off just outside the Stardust which is one of Malindis busiest areas. Luckily apart from a few grazes and a couple of dented prides no one was hurt. We are still not to sure if it was a reckless boda-boda or pilot error that caused the “off”! Needless to say they handed back the bikes to the hire company rather quickly.

On the 5th Eclare and Tina once again had a sailfish and some small fish between them. Snark had 2 sailfish and a mixture of small fish whilst Neptune with Mike Tracy on his last day had a couple of sailfish and some small fish.
On the 6th Eclare had a fun day up north with 2 sailfish, 5 yellowfin tuna, 1 wahoo and some baitfish. They were back on the mooring by noon. Tina, Snark and Neptune had a few sailfish and some small fish.
There were some bigger fish seen this week. Seahorse boated a black marlin of 360 lbs and Seyyida also boated a black of 420 lbs. This fish came up with another large fish to two live skipjack, the second one was on briefly but came off after a while. Seyyida who has had an exciting run also had a double header of 200 lb blacks on the first day of an overnight trip. They managed to get them both.
For those sport lovers out there you will be pleased to know that Kenya excelled themselves in the world cup sevens in Dubai. They reached the semi finals by beating Fiji, the defending champions in the quarterfinals 26-7. Unfortunately Argentina got the better of them in the semis. Still a gallant effort and the rest of the world has certainly sat up and recognized them as a serious threat in sevens. Well done Kenya!
The Watamu International Festival was on over the weekend and the Friends of Kenya is on today and tomorrow. I will fill you in on the outcome of these two competitions in next weeks report. Tight lines to all competitors.
Take care.
Adrian Paul
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