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Rough seas but amazing fishing being experienced off Watamu.
Dear All,
This past week has seen some amazing fishing off Watamu\Malindi. The “banks” as is so often the case at this time of the year is producing some world class fishing. The variety of fish being caught is just phenomenal. The weather, again as is often the case at this time of the year is pretty bouncy with the wind coming from the south. However it has been during these rough days when the fishing has been electric. On the banks you don’t want it to be too calm as the fish stay deep. The wind and the strong southerly current get the bait fish to the surface and the bigger pelagics in turn follow them up.
On Sunday the 12th July Angus and Andy went out to see what was moving. This was rather than spending a quite Sunday at home after a long lay off and coupled with the fact that Tarka had got two black marlin the day before! Although no marlin were caught they did lose a nice fish after a few minutes and they got a good mixed bag of other fish.  5 sailfish, 3 wahoo,1 kingfish,1 yellowfin tuna, a  giant trevally and loads of bait fish was not a bad catch. Beats sitting at home!
On the 15th Neptune was out again with Peter Hoffman and they had another brilliant day. They released a black marlin of 150 kgs, and got 6 kingfish,2 wahoo, 1 giant trevally,1 barracuda,1 dorado, 1 green job fish and lots of bait fish.
On the 16th both Neptune and Snowgoose were out. Neptune was on a short day with some clients from Dream of Africa. They had another action packed day and came back with 4 sailfish,1 wahoo, 1 barracuda and 3 bonito. Snowgoose with some clients from South Africa were not so lucky but still caught 1 sailfish, 1 barracuda and some bait fish.
Neptune was out on the 17th with Perez and Christine from Belgium who are very loyal clients and always come out at this time of year. Very wise they are too, considering the day they had. The boat was flying multi colored flags when she returned to Malindi. In fact apart from a green for striped marlin, blue for blue marlin and a broadbill and mako flag she had them all! They released a black marlin and a sailfish and boated an 80 kg bullshark. They also got 5 good sized yellowfin of up to 25 kgs, 2 wahoo, 1 kingfish and some bait fish. Not a bad day at all.  
All in all a good week although we could have done with a few more days out there. Both Neptune and Snowgoose are out today and I will let you know how they got on in our next weekly report. In fact we have got a few bookings coming up next week so let’s see what happens.
The country is still suffering terribly from drought. The long rains were basically non existent for most parts and cattle and wildlife are dying. The coast was luckier than most as we did get enough to get by. The likelihood of getting rain now before the October short rains are highly unlikely. All we can do now is pray and hope we can last until then.

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