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Dear All,

The fishing continues to be incredible of the banks with such a variety of species making a presence. Although we are picking up quite a few bookings it is a shame that we arent doing more days whilst it is so good. The weather is still pretty rough but when there is action like there is at the moment one doesnt have to much time to think about feeling sea sick! The wind is blowing strongly out of the south still but indications are that it will start to calm down either today or tomorrow. The wind is very gusty and is blowing in squalls of rain from the south, some of which are reaching land but unfortunately it is not enough to get to excited about.Having said that the coast is so much greener than upcountry where the land is parched and is crying out for rain.

On Saturday the 18th Neptune was out with James and Ken Adcock. Ken who skippered out of Hemingways for a few years is now living in Abudabi, and works on a private yaught.  Although it was extremely rough they had a lot of action and ended up with 2 bull shark (one released of 260 kg and one boated of 84 kg) 1 sailfish 2 kingfish, 2 yellowfin, 1 dorado and some bait fish.

On Sunday the 19th both Neptune and Snowgoose were out. SnowGoose was on a five hour trip and caught one sailfish and a number of small fish. These five hour trips are proving more and more popular with beginers who want to try their luck out on the seas but not for too long. Neptune was on a full day with Peter Hofmann and came back with two sailfish and some small fish.

On Tuesday the 21st Nick Diaper, who has just got married, went out for a full day on Neptune. They had a brilliant day with 6 sailfish 1 Bullshark 2 kingfish and some bait fish.

On Thursday the 23rd  our old friends Richard Edwards and Philip and Nick Mathias were out on their first day of this years fishing trip. What a start it was with 9 sailfish, 2 gt trevally, 4 kingfish, 3 yellowfin, 2 rainbow runner, 3 kawakawa, 16 frigate mackerel, and 1 gar fish. Now how is that for variety.

On Friday 24th Perez and Christine from Belgium were out again and had another very good day with 4 sailfish, 1 wahoo, 1 yellowfin, 1 baracuda, 1 dorado, 4 kawa-kawa, and 12 frigate mackerel.

Richard and co were out again on Saturday 25th and managed to release a Black Marlin, 1 sailfish, 1 giant trevally, and added a number of small fish. At the moment there arnt as many Marlin being caught as last year but most days at least one boat sees or looses one which shows they are  around but conditions are probably not quite right.

Peter Vogt from Germany and his son Lucas were out on SnowGoose on the 26th. Peter is out here for at least 6 days with Fishing and Adventures a German Fishing Travel Agent. Although they were back early they managed 2 sailfish and 2 giant trevally.

On the 28th Neptune out again with Richard and Co had another 5 sailfish, 2 giant trevally, 1 kingfish , 1 baracuda and some baitfish. SnowGoose was also out with Peter Vogt and caught 2 sailfish as well as an assortment of other fish.

Yesterday, the 29th July Neptune out with Richard Edwards and the Mathias's had a diffucult morning as did the other boats which were out. There was not a lot showing and action was scarce. By the time Neptune was heading back towards Malindi they had very little to show for the day. Fishing is a strange game however, and can change so quickly. On the way back through the boiling pot in 70 ft of water Angus saw a fish surfing down a wave and on thinking it was a sailfish turned the boat back towards it. Low and behold it was actually a Black Marlin and came straight in to their spread and was duely hooked. After a good fight on 50 lb line they got the fish to the boat and noticed another one was following it in. Another bait was quicly thrown into the water and a second Black Marlin was hooked up. Both fish were successfully released to fight another day. Now for those of you who dont know the area so well it is almost unheared of to catch a Marlin let alone a double header in the "shallows" between the banks and the boiling pot . they then carried on to release 2 sailfish as well and what seemed would end as another one of those slow days ended up as an ungorgettable one. I think here is a perfect example of why we are all smitten by fishing.and why we never give up.  SnowGoose was also out on a 7 hour trip with some visitors from Russia but they only managed a dorado and some baitfish. I say only but the fishermen themselves were over the moon with their catch.

Neptune is out again today and both Eclare and Tina are now ready for bookings as well. I hope that next week I can give you some more exciting news on the fishing front.

Malindi is fillilng up really quickly and early indications that tourism along the coast is going to be far better than last year, Hotels that have been closed for the last year and a half are opening and the number of charter flights into Mombasa has increased substantially. We hope this will continue and things will be back to normal soon.

Have a good week.


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