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Dear All,
We have had another very quiet week bookings wise. Our boats only fished three days which is not good at all. However the good news is that the results were very good and the signs are looking bright for the coming months when we are busy. Malindi is lacking tourists at the moment and once again September lives up to its reputation as being a “ mini off season”. The weather is beautiful, sunny days with a cool breeze blowing but still there are no tourists. There are different theories as to why September is always quiet but the main school of thought is that it is straight after the summer holidays and everyone is back at work. It is a shame as it is a lovely month and the fishing can be very good. There is still very little sign of rain down here but there are areas upcountry that are getting a little and as far as predictions go it seems October will be a wet month for most of the country. As most of you will have seen on the news livestock are dieing flat out now and the drought really is taking its toll.
Now to the serious issue of fishing! Tina was out for five hours on the 17th. There wasn’t too much showing but they managed to get 3 yellowfin and a nice dorado of 14 kgs. There have been days when the sea has been alive with yellowfin off Malindi. Lady Nana had 28 at the beginning of the week but the next day another boat went out and didn’t get any.
Neptune started a four day booking on the 18th with Ferdinand and Ferdi Heymann,Adrian Skelton and Michael Shepperson.They are all from South Africa and are here with Island Safaris. They fished out off Ngomeni and had non stop action the whole day. Just north off Ngomeni heading north there was school after school of yellowfin tuna. Angus wanted to get to Ziwayu but it was impossible as they couldn’t get away from fish. They ended up with 33 yellowfin,6 kingfish,3 dorado and 1 sailfish which they released. One of the tuna was around the 20 kg mark whilst all the others were normal school size.
On the 19th Neptune headed north again with the same group on board. Once again the sea was alive with fish and the anglers had no time for rest. At one stage they had four different species of fish on at the same time. These were a yellowfin, kingfish, koli-koli and kawa-kawa. Another unusual thing which Angus has never seen before was a hooked yellowfin tuna being devoured by a pack of kingfish. He said there must have been at least eight fish darting in and biting chunks off the tuna. They had two good sized shark on, one of which was fought for an hour and a half before breaking the line near the boat. As they approached one group of yellowfin a rod went off before they got into it. Out jumped a 60 kg black marlin and then all hell broke loose as the yellowfin pounced on the remaining lures. The marlin was tagged and released and five yellowfin were boated. The final tally was 1 black marlin, 2 sailfish, 28 yellowfin, 12 kingfish, 1 koli koli,1 red snapper,2 dorado and 3 kawa kawa. How’s that for a days fishing! Neptune is out tomorrow and the next day as well but apart from that it’s another quiet week coming up. There are five boats from Watamu heading south on Tuesday to fish in the Latham Island Tournament in Tanzania. It will be very interesting to see how they do and let’s hope they fly the Kenyan flag high. The tournament is fished over two days but they are extremely long days as boats start at midnight to get to Latham Island which is 30 odd miles from Cinda, the base island, which in turn is 10 miles from Dar-es-salaam. The boats will moor and weigh their fish on Cinda Island. I will let you know next week how they are getting on as they won’t be back until the following Tuesday. It will take them at least three days to get there. It should be a very exciting trip and I am sure there are a lot of envious fishermen who will agree with me on this.
Until next week take care.


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