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Dear All,
We have had a much better week as far as bookings are concerned and the fishing, although still a bit up and down, has been a lot better. The weather has changed with the days being a lot hotter and humid. We are hoping that this is due to a build up of rain. The nights are still relatively cool and pleasant. Apart from the odd very quick shower of rain there hasn’t been too much rain to speak of yet. A few places up country have started to get a little but again nothing to much to get excited about.
The Latham Island tournament ended yesterday evening. The boats from here did us proud with Tarka, Black Widow and Unreel taking the first three positions in that order. Bs Nest and Sea Storm finished in the top ten as well. They will be starting their long trip back home today and should arrive on Tuesday evening. There were a lot of fish caught but unfortunately the billfish fishing was very poor. There was not one billfish caught on the twenty seven boats fishing. Tuna was basically the order of the day with Tarka catching over 100 on the first day and Unreel and Black Widow 60 each. There was the odd bigger one of up to 35 kgs caught but the majority were school size fish. The second day was much the same with all the top three boats getting around 60 tuna each. On the trip down there was a black marlin lost of Chale Island and a sailfish caught. Let’s hope they find some fish on the trip back.
Closer to home we have had at least one boat out every day this week. On the 21st the Heymans group continued their fishing after a rest day. The action packed days they had on the first two days continued with 19 yellowfin tuna, 6 kingfish and 2 wahoo.
On the 22nd , the Heymanns last day, they had 1 sailfish, 24 yellowfin tuna, 2 dorado and 1 wahoo. The fish had moved from where they had been so it was only from lunch time onwards that they started to catch.
Snowgoose was also out on the 22nd with Kallie, Johnny and Maynard three gentlemen from South Africa who booked three days with us. Their main aim was to catch a sailfish during the three days but today was not meant to be the day and they ended up with 7 yellowfin and two dorado.
On the 23rd the Maynard group were out on Snowgoose again. They had two sailfish on and jumping but unfortunately they went their merry way after a five or so minute fight.
Snark was out on a long day and had 20 yellowfin tuna, 4 dorado and 2 kawa-kawa.
On the 24th, Simon Wilson who has been fishing with us for many years was out with some friends on Tina. They had a good day tagging a sailfish and 6 yellowfin,3 dorado and a wahoo.
On the 25th Maynard and co’s wishes came true on Snowgoose as they tagged and released a sailfish as well as 2 kingfish and a dorado.
Tina with the Simon Wilson group again had 3 dorado, a tuna and a small rock-cod.
We had 4 boats out on the 26th . Neptune had quite a few kingfish, 3 wahoo and 3 yellowfin. Snark did a short day and got a few small fish and Tina had a good day tagging 2 sailfish, 4 dorado and a yellowfin. Snowgoose fishing with fly fishing fanatic Billy Lynch tagged a sailfish on fly. For both Tina and Snowgoose it was like two days in one. The morning was very slow with not a lot showing and by lunch time neither boat had seen very much let alone caught anything. In the afternoon however they found some sailfish finning and both boats raised packs of sailfish to the baits. Tina got two together conventionally and Snowgoose hooked one immediately out of the pack they raised. The rest of the pack continued to pound the teasers but there wasn’t another fisherman to throw them a fly. Whether it is luck or skill I am not to sure but Billy certainly is a successful fly fisherman and I am sure that the latter has a lot to do with it. Most times he goes out he comes back with one or two billfish. At the KASA prize giving two weeks ago Billy got the prize for the best fish on a fly. This was for a striped marlin of 65 kgs caught on Eclare, he also got another of 60 kgs on Snowgoose a few weeks after that. Well done Billy.
On the 17th and 18th of October the Malindi Festival will be held out of the MSFC. This year it will be called the “Herbie Paul International Fishing Festival”. It is being sponsored by a very good client and friend, Mike Tracey. He wanted Dad to be remembered by some sort of fishing tournament and instead of starting another separate one we all decided that the Festival would be the best tournament for this. It was undoubtedly Dads favourite tournament and I am sure that he will be very proud to be associated with it. He wants it to be a very special event and hence his very generous contribution. We can’t thank Mike and Peter Petzer, who has helped bring it together, enough.

We would like to encourage as many fishermen as possible to take part and make it a memorable event.
Take care



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