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Dear All,
I am afraid there isn’t too much to report from us this week. We have had very few days out and I can’t say the fishing has been to scintillating! The weather is still humid but the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees. Apart from a quick downpour mid week we have not had any rain. We are all hoping that something will happen after this full moon.
Billy Lynch tagged and released another nice sailfish on fly on the 27th. This capped off a successful weekend for him with a sailfish both days. Tina was also out but they didn’t manage to get anything too big. They went down to the banks to look for a marlin and had  
one up but unfortunately it didn’t take. The boats which went down for the Latham tournament got back to Watamu after trolling back slowly overnight. Black Widow had two broadbill during the night and the other boats got one each.

We didn’t have another boat out until the 1st October. Ralf Fernhead from the UK was out on his first day of six on Malachite. It wasn’t a bad beginning for someone who has never been deep sea fishing before. He ended up with 2 wahoo and 2 dorado. Snowgoose was also out on a very short day and ended up with 1 kingfish. They saw a few sailfish jumping but didn’t raise any to the baits.
Only Malachite was out on the 2nd and once again nothing too big was seen and they got 2 dorado and 2 yellowfin. There is still a lot of dorado showing off Malindi and Watamu which is quite unusual for this time of year. The boats are also seeing a large amount of white bait which bodes well for the future as this is prime food for sailfish and the smaller game fish.
On the 3rd Malachite and Snark were out on short days. Both returned with a wahoo each, Malachite’s was a good fish of 18.5 kgs.
This coming week seems quiet as well but we start getting busier the week after. Entries have started to come in for the Herbie Paul International Festival and as of now there are about ten boats fishing and we hope numbers will rise. If the fishing is even half as good as last year we should be in for some excitement.
Malindi is relatively quiet on the tourist front, but is certainly not quiet in other aspects. There seems to be more boda- boda( motorbike) taxis by the day and together with the famous, or should that be infamous tuk-tuks there isn’t too much room for anything else! I cannot believe the difference in Malindi since I left six years ago. What was once a small sleepy tourist town is now a bustling hive of activity. I remember the days when the town would come to a halt in the off season but now you hardly notice any difference when the off season comes along. A lot of the hotels that closed in the late 90’s have reopened and it would seem that a lot of investment is pouring in to the town again. Long may it last.
That’s it for this week.

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