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Dear All,
Bookings have been slow again this week but the good news is that quite a number of sailfish have been seen off Malindi and Che-shale. This comes with a big sigh of relief as we were all wondering where the sail were. Let’s hope this lasts and we have another amazing run of fish like last year. Another welcome arrival is that of some rain this past week. Although we haven’t had a huge amount yet we have had two or three good showers.  The rest of the country has had a bit too but it seems this coming week should see the start of the proper rains. Apart from a few showers the temperature remains hot and humid.

On the 5th only Malachite was out with Ralf Fearnhead and they came back with a wahoo, a kingfish and a dorado. This was Ralf’s fourth day on Malchite and although he has caught quite a few smaller fish his dream is to catch a sailfish. They saw quite a few finning and jumping but didn’t have any up to the baits.
Malachite and Snowgoose were out on the 6th. Snowgoose was out with Richard Collins who was down for a few days from upcountry. They had quite a number of sailfish up to the baits and ended up with three as well as a wahoo and a dorado.
Snowgoose was out with the Collins party again on the 7th. They didn’t see as many fish as yesterday but still had some action catching 1 sail, 3 wahoo and 1 dorado. Today was Ralf Fearnheads last day on Malachite and once again they didn’t manage to raise any sail and caught 3 yellowfin tuna.
We didn’t have any boats out on the 8th. On the 9th Ralf showed the true never give up attitude of a fisherman and did an extra day on Malachite. As is so often the case the gamble paid off and they got 1 sailfish as well as 18 yellowfin tuna. A good day for a small boat!
 On the 10th Tina was out on a seven hour trip with the Minar’s from South Africa. Their intention was to have a quiet day on the sea looking and learning how the crew did things so that they could do the same on their boat in South Africa. Well quiet it was not to be! The fish really turned on today. Whether they have been their all the time and conditions have just turned right or whether they have just moved in is always a question for debate. All I can say is we hope they stick around. From the time they got out there they saw sail finning and jumping and immediately had a good pack up catching two together. They were in by 2 pm with 5 sailfish, two tuna and a kingfish. They lost quite a few fish as well. Really good news, especially with the tournament coming up next weekend.

On the 11th Snowgoose was out fly fishing with Billy Lynch. They had some good chances with the fly and ended up tagging and releasing two fish. Billy is out again today so let’s see what happens.
This coming week is very busy for us and we are hoping the good fishing continues. This update gives me an opportunity to let you all know that Mum has been in hospital in Mombasa for the last three days. The problem is kidney stones again and she has had a blockage for a while. It didn’t look too good to begin with but she has had laser surgery and is doing well and we hope that she will be out of hospital in the next couple of days. We are also hoping that they have got rid of all the dreaded stones now. Otherwise all is well here.
Take care and have a good week.

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