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Dear All,
The boats have had a good going over, reels have been serviced and the crews have had a good long holiday. We have all had enough of the off season now and we are raring to go again. It is over two months since our last newsletter and I am getting quite a few e-mails asking what has happened to the updates! I must apologize for the silence but there wasn’t too much to write about in June as we only had a handful of bookings. Pretty poor compared to May which was busy. I was in UK for most of July so that was the reason for no updates then but I am now back and ready for lots of writing.
Angus went to the UK at the beginning of June to inspect Neptunes new engines. It was a very successful trip and he was very impressed with the engines and he was well looked after by DB marine and Perkins Sabre. The engines are just about to leave the UK by ship and should be here by early September when we will install them into the boat. They are 300 hp each and Neptune should whistle along with them. I went to the UK in July once Angus was back. I had a really good break and it seems I had a lucky break with the weather as well as it was hotter than Nairobi when I left and came back. We have got a lot done with the boats and equipment. Eclare and Snowgoose are back in the water having been re-sprayed and tarted up. Snowgoose had an engine overhaul and has two brand new turbos. Tina is also ready and will go back into the water on the next high tide. She has also been resprayed and is glistening. Snark is out of the water and will go back in at the end of the month and Neptune will come out at the end of the month for re-engining.
July was relatively busy for us with Neptune and Eclare fishing ten days each. Although the fishing was good it wasn’t quite as spectacular as it can be in July. There were a number of sailfish, giant trevally, wahoo and other smaller big game fish caught but there wasn’t as many marlin seen as last July. Billy Lynch came down from Nairobi with his son in early July. Those of you that read the update often will know that Billy is an avid fly fisherman. Now locals will say that July is not the time to fly fish due to the wind and rough seas. Well Billy defied the seas and caught two sailfish on fly from Eclare on the 3rd and caught another four by conventional means. The next day they came in early to catch the flight to Nairobi and still managed a sailfish, a nice 17 kg kingfish and a small black tip shark which they released.
Eclare was out again on the 9th and they got 2 sailfish and two yellowfin tuna with one tuna weighing in at 21 kgs. On the 11th they were out on a short day and returned with 2 kingfish and a 20 kg giant trevally released.

Neptune started a six day charter on the 13th July with Peter and Lucas Vogt and Dr Althaus. The same anglers fished in July last year and had very exciting fishing. They started with 4 sailfish, 2 wahoo and some tuna. They had another two sailfish on the 14th.  and four as well as a 25 kg giant trevally on the 15th. On the 16th they tagged one sail, and a very nice giant trevally of 30+ kgs. On the 17th they had an action packed day with 6 giant trevally tagged and released 2 wahoo, 1 kingfish and 2 sailfish tagged. The 21st was the day for the big one. Peter Vogt caught a 247.2 kg bull shark which took a live kawa-kawa on the down rigger. One always knows when bull shark are around as hooked fish are either taken or have pieces bitten off. July\August seems to be prime time for bull shark on the Banks\Canyons. Many moons ago when I was fishing on Eclare with Marc and Bernd Neufeldt, Marc hooked a 70 kg black marlin on a live kawa-kawa. After twenty minutes the marlin started to behave very strangely and we realized it was a marlin no more. Three hours later we had boated a 650+ lb bull shark which was at the time a world record only to be beaten by another a few months later caught by Ronald De Jaeger on Neptune. Already this season a few marlin and a number of giant trevally have been taken by bull sharks. We have to ask ourselves how many marlin we release on the banks are mauled by sharks when they are released in a weak state.
On the 22nd, the Vogt’s last day, they had two big giant trevally cut in two by shark. They did manage to get one trevally of 40+ kgs, a couple of smaller trevally,4 kingfish, 1 tuna and 1 sailfish

Neptune was out again on the 31st July with Justin Aniere from Che-Shale and his brother in law. They had a fun day with 4 sailfish, 2 roc-cod, a giant trevally, 3 kingfish, 4 wahoo, 2 yellow-fin tuna, 1 barracuda, 1 snapper, 1 dorado, 2 kawa-kawa and some frigate mackerel. I don’t think you can get more of a mixed bag than that!
August has started relatively quietly with a distinct lack of bookings. Eclare was out on the 2nd and they managed a sailfish and a few small fish. We had three boats out on the 3rd with Neptune tagging a black marlin and Eclare getting 4 sailfish. Eclare was out again today and was ‘’skunking ‘’ until 1 pm when they had a huge pack of sailfish up in the boiling pot and got four in one go. Fishing on the banks has got quite tough in the last weeks so it is good that boats are finding fish elsewhere as it can be hard on a small area like the banks with seven or eight boats working the area.
Malindi is very busy at the moment and the town is packed with tourists yet bookings are slow. We normally pick up a lot more bookings in August than we are doing at the moment. Let’s hope things will change in the weeks to come. The months up ahead are looking much better though apart from September which is always slow. We have got a very good deal running with Kingfisher Villas until the end of September for fishing and accommodation inclusive. November and January are just about choca- block with only a few free days left here and there. Surprisingly we still have quite a number of free days left in February so if any of you are thinking of coming then get booking. Although January saw better marlin numbers than February last year it is still one of our best months for marlin and sailfish.
On the political side the referendum on the new constitution has come and gone with YES getting a 67% majority and therefore the new constitution will go through in the near future. We all believe that this is a good thing as we needed change. However the real winners over the whole affair were all the Kenyan people. The referendum was carried out peacefully with no reports of violence whatsoever. The Electoral commission was very professional in carrying out the whole operation quickly and efficiently. I think we can say that at this moment of time we are all proud Kenyans.

On that note have a good week.

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