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Dear All,
Regrettably there has not been to much fishing this past week due to heavy winds along the whole coast. On Wednesday it blew a gale all night and locals have said that it was one of the strongest blows in memory. Luckily it subsided slightly the next day but it was still very strong. Coupled with this the tides were very high which made it extremely rough on the Watamu reef and in the ‘’mlango’’. Fortunately Malindi is slightly protected in this monsoon so we weren’t in too much danger. We had half an inch of rain with the wind as well.
Today is a much better day and according to Musa who is out on Eclare it’s like a carpet out there. We lost three days due to the weather but it is better to be safe rather than sorry in such conditions.
Snowgoose was out on the 9th with Roland and Reiner Schwarz who were here for six days fishing. The first three were on Eclare, when they came home with at least one sailfish on each day, and the last three were on Snowgoose. Their real prey was a black marlin though. Having fished in Malindi a few times before, as well as in other places such as Venezuela, the black marlin had always eluded them. Unfortunately today wasn’t to be the day for the marlin but they did release two sailfish as well as a yellowfin tuna and some bait fish.
Snowgoose was out again with Reiner and Roland on the 10th. They tagged a sailfish early and got a very nice kingfish of 21 kgs and a 14 kg wahoo on live baits. A few yellowfin tuna were added and then whilst chasing a group of tuna a black marlin latched on to a rapala and proceeded to jump around the ocean. Now to say the least one is very lucky to get a marlin strike on a rapala let alone get the fish. In my twelve years of fishing I never got a marlin on a rapala! This particular fish stayed on and they successfully tagged and released it giving Reiner his first black marlin. It just goes to show that luck is a major player in this game, they had been live baiting for hours on all the days they had been out without a touch and then wham, on the least expected lure! A barracuda and a few bait fish were added to complete a good day out on the sea.
The 11th was the first day of the big blow and standing up was hard enough let alone fishing. Snowgoose used up all their luck yesterday and only a few bait fish was the tally for the day. Neptune fishing with Greg Mutch who comes every year in August had a very good day. Although they didn’t see any marlin they got 2 sailfish, 3 giant trevally,2 kingfish,1 wahoo, 1 blue runner and a grouper. Two of the trevally, estimated at 25 kgs, were tagged and released successfully. Unfortunately they could not revive the third trevally or the grouper which was 50 kgs.
There was no fishing on the 12,13th or 14th due to the weather. Eclare is out today with Greg Mutch and they have a black marlin, a sailfish and 3 wahoo as I write so much better all round. Hopefully Neptune and Snowgoose are out tomorrow and there are a few other days in the week when we have boats out. Let’s hope the weather will continue to be good.
Malindi is still very busy which is good news. It is hard to move in town at times with the hustle and bustle of everyday life going on.
Until next week take care.

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