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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 20:23:19 +0300
Dear All,
This past week was another busy and eventful one. Unfortunately the fishing was very slow for most of the time. Its not as if the fish aren’t there, a lot of tuna and sailfish were seen on most days, but getting them to look at the baits is another story. There is a huge amount of white bait of Mambrui and Sabaki and up to twenty sailfish at any one time can be seen gorging themselves on this fish delicacy. The tuna and other pelagics are also feasting on the white bait. Perhaps there is so much food and not enough predators to eat it at the moment. When the wind swings round to the north east more fish should come in to diminish the white bait and hopefully they will start to take more of an interest in what we have to offer. The weather is still hot here and the wind is stable. We had a couple of very quick rain showers earlier in the week but it was not enough rain to make an impression on the ground. Other parts of the country have been getting some good rain but nothing like we should be getting at this time of year.
Monday 18th October was the start of the three day DMV big game fishing championships fished out of Malindi.  DMV is a fishing club in Germany and every year they hold a big fishing tournament outside of Germany. They cannot hold the tournament at the same destination for two successive years. They have fished out of Malindi a few times now and last year they were in Mexico fishing for striped marlin. Quite a number of the fishermen this year have been coming to Malindi for many years now, so it was good to see a lot of old faces in the club. Five teams fought it out for top honors. The scoring system is different to how we do our local comp’s as teams get points for the position they come on each day rather than points carrying forward to each day. All three days proved to be exceptionally tough days. Manfred Haase’s team the Happy Hookers had a good first day on Snowgoose with Manfred tagging and releasing a 100 kg black marlin on 10 kg line. The team fishing on Neptune also had a good day with 1 sailfish tagged, 2 large yellowfin and a wahoo. The other three teams didn’t have to much luck at all.

The 19th was very slow with no billfish at all being caught.
The 20th was slightly better with the teams on Eclare,Tina and Snark all catching sailfish. The final results for the DMV were as follows. 1st place went to Team Seebarren.2nd place Happy Hooker and third place team Wahoo.   
On Thursday 21st we only had Snowgoose and Tina fishing. Tina with Robbie and his wife from Belgium on board had a good day tagging 2 sailfish whilst Snowgoose with the Olivier party who caught a very big blue on Eclare in March ended up with three yellowfin tuna.
The 22nd was the Churchill Trophy which is always fished the day before the main two day festival. It is a light line only competition with 20 lb line being the maximum breaking strain allowed. Tarka fished by Paul Worthington, Callum Looman and Mangi took top honors with 2 sailfish and a dorado on 6 kg line. Albatross with Manfred Haase, Ralf and Marcel were the runners up. Their two sailfish were on 6 kg line as well but Tarka’s dorado pipped them at the line. Neptune with Russell Brumby, Peter Brumby, Richard Moller and Angus were third with a sailfish on 4 kg line. Eclare although not in the Churchill trophy had a good day with Mick and James Barrett on board. They tagged and released three sailfish.
The 23rd was the first day of the Herbie Paul International Tournament. Once again it was very generously sponsored by MH Joinery Products who we are very thankful to. Without such generous sponsorship these tournaments cannot take place as they are not cheap to run. The tournament was also ably supported by the Driftwood Beach Club. Sadly entries were low this year with only eleven boats taking part. It may have had something to do with the fishing not being to productive or more likely it is the tough times we are experiencing globally at the moment. We were very pleased to have three German teams taking part as well as fishermen from UK, upcountry Kenya and of course not to be forgotten Bruce from Mozambique. The leader board after the first day was tight at the top. Neptune with Russell, Peter, Richard and Angus on board were at the top with two sailfish and 146 kgs of yellowfin tuna. Not to far behind was Alleycat with quite a number of large yellowfin. Lying in third was Clueless with two sailfish.
There was a lot to fish for on the 24th as unlike many other years there was not a run away leader and it was anyone’s tournament. Most boats fished straight off Malindi for sailfish but Alleycat went down to Watamu to look for a marlin. By mid morning the whole complexion of the tournament had changed. Seahorse, who had blanked the day before and in the Churchill trophy as well became red hot. She had five sailfish by the noon call up whilst Neptune only had two and Alleycat had a few tuna. One or two more sail would put Seahorse in the lead. As all fishermen know when it is your day anything can happen and sure enough they added two more sailfish and by two o clock had seven in total. Just when they thought the comp was theirs Alleycat hooked a nice black marlin on a live tuna. After a good fight they got the fish which unfortunately they had to boat as it was hooked badly. The tagging limit is 150 kgs and this fish weighed in at 147 kgs so they didn’t lose to many points. It was more than enough to give them victory. Seahorse hung on to a remarkable second place and Neptune was third. Seahorse was fishing together with another six or seven boats in the same area but for some reason the others just couldn’t raise the fish and Seahorse couldn’t go wrong.  Alleycat  was fished by Peter Suddaby, Peter Darnborough, Oggy and Beefy whilst Seahorse was fished by Bruce Buckland, Nick Taylor, Simon Christie and Peter Ready. Fourth overall was Tarka with Paul Worthington, Phil Revett, Callum Looman and Mangi on board. Fifth went to Tina with Messrs Josch, Krey and Abudi fishing. The first three teams received Shimano reels and bronze picture frames and fourth and fifth got fishing bags.

All in all it was a very successful and well run tournament. There was a big party at the club in the evening with dancing going on until after midnight and I am sure there were some sore heads in the morning.
That’s all from Malindi for this week.
Take care.

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