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Dear All,
Once again I must apologize for the serious lapse between news updates. The festive season and a busy few weeks meant that I didn’t manage to squeeze one out. I know that many of you are sitting in freezing weather and are in need of some news from warmer climes.
We have been very busy since the last update on the 19th December after a very slow first two weeks. We even had boats out on the 24th and 25th which is quite unusual. The weather has been very friendly with nice bright hot days but it has not been as hot and humid as it can be at this time of year. It has also been very calm with not a breath of wind on some days and today is the first day that the wind has picked up.

There are still striped marlin out on the rips and during the Christmas period there were a lot of sailfish out there as well. The sailfish seemed to have disappeared further out but there are a lot showing closer in off Malindi and further north. Tina had five yesterday with Joss de Kok and so far today Tina and Snark have four each. Although it is slightly late, it is a good sign that there are a lot of sailfish appearing. It is still a bit early for blues but three or four have been caught already. Tega had a double header of small blues about a week ago. There have been a few black marlin caught around the banks and mountains which is really good news. Snowgoose tagged and released one yesterday as well as two big giant trevally.
  If the trend continues in the same way we could be in for some exciting fishing over the next few months.

On the 28th and 29th of December the Watamu Sea Fishing Club hosted the annual Christmas competition which was sponsored by Capt Andys fishing supply. This competition has got to be one of the best attended comps along our coast with this year seeing 25 entrants. There are a lot of people down on holiday from upcountry over the festive season so there are a lot of private entrants. It is really good to see small private boats taking part and giving the professional boats a run for their money. Neptune, fished by Richard Moller, Royan Taylor and Angus were the only Kingfisher entrants. They had a storming start and after the first day were top of the leader board with one black marlin, a striped marlin and six sailfish. Royan had a grand slam as he caught both marlin and four sailfish. Good fishing Royan. Unfortunately their luck ran out on the second day and they ended up third after Clueless and Blue Eyes. It was a very well run competition and the attendance after the weigh in’s on both days was phenomenal.
On the 26th Con Jooste tagged and released a striped marlin and a sailfish on fly. Con and his brother Nick fly fished for six days on Eclare, they had a few sailfish on the other days but the first day on the 26th was the best.
Rik Van de Vlugt who was out here with Bull Shark Fishing from Holland had a very successful five days on Snowgoose. He and his girlfriend had three striped marlin, a black marlin, five sailfish and two big GT’s as well as a number of other smaller game fish.
I have just heard that Neptune who is fishing with a group led by Joss de Kok from South Africa has two striped marlin out on the rips and Eclare, also out there has missed a couple as well.
So all in all there has been some exciting fishing this past two weeks. There haven’t been two many big fish seen yet but they normally start appearing later in the month. Having said that a small boat belonging to the Scott’s from upcountry lost a very big marlin after four hours on the last day of the Christmas comp. It took a live bait on 50 lb line and proved just too big to get close to the boat and eventually the line popped. The same day White Dove lost one of 100 kgs plus after an hour so they must be around.
Time is speeding along, and it is only a few months until the end of season KASA(Kenya Association of Sea Anglers) dinner when the annual raffle is held. This year tickets are on sale earlier than normal so please support KASA and buy some for a just cause. Next week I will enclose a list of all the prizes which have been donated and are on offer so far. Tickets can be brought at the Malindi Sea Fishing Club as well as most other clubs associated with sport fishing along the coast.
Until next week keep well.
Best regards,
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