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Dear All,
Although there have been some good days it has not been the most fruitful of weeks as far as fishing goes. The weather is still hot and humid but it has been a lot windier this
week. After looking very promising at the beginning of January the rips fishing has died of somewhat and striped marlin have been rather scarce out there. In fact there have probably been more blacks seen and caught on the mountains than stripies on the rips. Apart from the odd one which takes a lure half the skill in catching blacks is in catching live friggies( frigate mackerel) which I am told is very difficult to do at the moment. Once you have some live friggies in the water your chances are very high for a black marlin.
Sunday the 16th January was the last day of the Casino Tournament. Clueless managed to hang on to their lead from the first day to win outright. Snark put up a gallant fight to finish runner up with Guido and Herald on board. They managed to tag and release another decent black marlin on day two. Simba finished third out of sixteen boats that caught a total of nine marlin and thirty two sailfish. A very impressive prize giving and dinner was held at the Malindi Casino in the evening. It was a very well run tournament with an impressive array of prizes from the main sponsors Technofish and Melton tackle. Both Neptune and Eclare caught a striped marlin and two sailfish each but sadly they weren’t in the tournament.
On the 17th Eclare came back with a striped marlin and two sailfish for Roger Gates and Snowgoose had a striped marlin and one sailfish with the Werner Gruber group on board. Snark and Neptune had a sailfish each.
The 18th was a very good day for Wilfried Van Laarhoven and Ronald Roy fishing on Snowgoose. They had fished the Casino tournament on Snowgoose but had no luck so were due some. After a slow morning they got some live baits on the mountains and it wasn’t long before they had at least two black marlin up together. They hooked two and there may have been another one there as well. They managed to tag both fish which were around the 70 to 90 kg mark. A double header of black marlin is very rare indeed and a commendable effort to say the least. Apart from Neptune tagging a large stripey of 70 kgs as well as three giant trevally and one sailfish the other boats ended up with one or two sailfish each.
On the 19th Snowgoose was our top boat again with a nice black marlin and a sailfish for Herbert and Monica Lewald. Snark also had a good day with Ray Carrell and his son on board. They had a striped marlin and three sailfish.
There were no marlin caught on our boats on the 20th but all five caught sailfish and baitfish. Tina and Snark had the most with three each.
The 21st was a good day for Neptune and Frans Neuwirth and co from Austria. Frans has fished with us for as long as I can remember and was one of my first clients on Snark many moons ago. They tagged a stripey and a sailfish as well as three giant trevally. Snowgoose had another good day with a good sized stripey for Werner Wirtz. Tina had two sailfish and a dorado and Eclare one sailfish and a dorado.
The 22nd was tough fishing for most boats but once again Snowgoose was on the money. Fishing with Messrs Van Laarhoven and Roy on their last day they hooked a nice sized black marlin on thirty pound line and a small sailfish bait. Unfortunately some way into the fight the fish died and they were lifting a dead weight on light line.  
After three hours and a broken rod they managed to get the fish up to the surface. It weighed in at 119 kgs, not bad at all on 30lb tackle.

By the talk on the radio today sounds very hard out there and not much had been caught by mid morning. I hope that this week will be more productive as we head towards the end of January.
That’s it for this week.